✯Greetings and Salutations✯

Give me intelligent conversation and I will give you my attention.

Welcome to my own, personal corner of the web. Here you’ll find things like random posts from my blog, some gaming adventures, discussions on music, my various writings and publications, my family history, and so on. For those who might not already know who I am, you may call me Nova.

I am mostly a humble child at heart, preferring to stay behind the camera rather than be the center of attention. I am generally very open and easy to get along with. I am also extremely easy to please, seeing no real difference between a five-star restaurant and a burger from the fast food stop around the corner. I love learning, writing, and art. I also enjoy people and learning what makes them who they are. It was this interest in people, as well as writing, that lead me to earn a bachelors degree in psychology.

I spend much of my time on a computer, multitasking between work and other various projects. Yet, while I have many things I would like to do, I try to lead a simple, green life. I am alright with being left behind by the crazy, fast-paced, money-driven world we live in today. I am a main street neighborhood kid, not a street-smart city girl. My favorite teams are local and I enjoy helping to make my community a better place. Sure, I care about ‘making the world a better place’ too, but I feel that small steps over long periods add up to more than one big step done just once.

Yes, I’ve had enemies in my life, and I openly admit that I did some really stupid things when I was younger, but I have grown since then. I know I make mistakes. I know I sometimes generalize, use stereotypes, say contradictory things, am hypocritical, condescending, and/or sarcastic. This is all a natural part of human nature, so please forgive me as I forgive you. I believe in change and second chances as I have seen and experienced them first hand. Give things a try; even if you’ve done it before, try again! You never know what could happen!

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