Why Do You Make Me Hate You?

I’m having a bad day. Not really a bad mood day, just a really, extremely, horribly bad computer day. We finally got an adapter to hook up my old non-compatible-with-new-age-goodness hard drive and, turns out, it’s completely dead because someone had the power running to it the whole time so it wore out and over heated and blah blah whatever (‘oh, probably shouldn’t have left that plugged in’ he says nonchalantly xP). …That drive contained hard to find files and things I will probably never get back and Chris’ attitude is one of “oh well, too bad, I’m gonna go back to my own shit now” Thanks hun. “Well don’t you have backups?” …1. if I had backups I wouldn’t have needed the adapter. 2. that drive was a small storage drive which essentially served as a backup to my main drive for things I didn’t have space for in my “official backups” but still really wanted to keep. You know? Back when external hard drives big enough to save your entire computer were still too expensive for a college student with student loans and a crappy job? I had a small one, but it certainly didn’t fit everything and, frankly, things like my documents and photos were a little more important. I was doing the best I could with what I had at the time, so thanks hun, for making me feel like a failure.

I didn’t push the issue of getting the adapter because I thought everything was fine and we just needed a connector – no big deal right? – but now things are going to get fixed right away… whether he likes it or not. It only took him like 4 years or so to get the fucking adapter. Yeah, its been sitting there plugged in for that long (I trusted him that my files were safe). “Well if you haven’t needed the files in so long…” Haven’t needed my childhood teddy bear either, doesn’t mean I want to toss it. Haven’t worked on some story ideas in years either, doesn’t mean I want to trash them. And he says “well you can’t blame this on me…” really? I can’t? Perhaps not completely, but your actions prove otherwise and your attitude certainly isn’t helping. He apologized, and we’re ok now, but it’s still too little too late really.

On top of all that, my main hard drive is failing which is causing my computer to freeze randomly and not work at all correctly. You better believe I made him order a new one today.

…and now I have to go and try to recover all those lost files (just over 1000). Thankfully, being resourceful, I have a program that makes lists of all the files on a drive so I at least know what they are. But finding them is going to be a real bitch – I’ll need all the luck I can get. Computers – a great resource and a true plague.

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