Ice Cream and Annoying Cashiers

I went out with Ryan after work to get some ice cream today because several customers were being little whiny bitches and it made us feel better. Not to mention hanging out with Ryan always puts me in a good mood cause he is such a goofball. Which was especially good afterward as I went to the store and the cashier was a total fucking bitch!

She completely ignored several of my coupons I discovered when I got home (I ended up paying like $6 more than I should have!!) and rather than just deal with the slight inconvenience all my coupons caused her (like, you know, actually having to do her job!) she got bitchy with me and got an attitude about having to check to make sure I got everything I had coupons for. Lady please, the register wouldn’t accept the coupon if I hadn’t bought the item, this isn’t my first trip to the store. Ugh, such a total hassle and waste of time. I will be sure to never go near her lane again! It made me think of the cashier who rang me up at Rite Aid yesterday, now she was awesome. We joked about how some customers can be really aggravating and I just witnessed the reverse (and to be clear, I do my absolute best never to be an aggravating customer because I know how annoying that is!!). It makes me sad that other customers have to put up with this stupid cashier but happy to know that there is another out there that equals her sorry ass out 😛

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