Birthday Wishes

The big 3-0 is coming up for me on the 27th, and since I know people are going to ask, here’s a list of birthday gift wishes:

DVDs: Harry Potter box set, Defiance, Singing in the Rain, The 10th Kingdom

Lindsey Stirling LIMITED EDITION CD:
The Paths We Choose: A Memoir by Sully Erna: $14
A Cold Blue Light by Marvin Kaye and Parke Godwin: various, out of print
The Hand of Power (Fear Street Sagas #16): various, out of print
1 Belle Rose by ROYAL COURT Dinner Plate: $19
1 Belle Rose by ROYAL COURT Flat Cup & Saucer Set: $13

More expensive items (money towards these is always helpful, and strongly preferred hehe):

Smart Center Table that matches the desk I’m getting: $159 (that’s the sale price :P)
New Computer Chair that’s expensive but awesome: $229 (that’s the sale price :P)

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