A Jealous SMILE (Week 6 – 2015)

This week’s SMILE is all about jealousy. Enjoy! …wait -ㅅ-a

Let’s start off with the good side of things, the side of jealousy that comes with pride. Such as in the case of One Direction‘s Steal My Girl (lyrics). Now, I’m not a big One Direction fan (not one at all really), but this song is alright – light and fun, but still carrying a strong message. The music video, though, is something I quite enjoy. Lots of diversity, random fun, and Danny DeVito – how can it get any better xD

Nick Jonas‘ Jealous (lyrics) follows the same line of thought, but takes it a step further. Jealousy, like everything, isn’t black and white, and I feel Nick Jonas does a good job of conveying all the gray that can come from it.

Taking another step down the jealousy super-highway leads us to Maria Vidal‘s Hands Off (lyrics). Most people won’t remember this song because it wasn’t a radio hit, rather it comes from the soundtrack of the film Once Bitten (which everyone should watch!). This is when jealous takes action, when you’re done dealing with someone else’s shit 😛

Taking the other fork in the road, perhaps jealous doesn’t bother you? In that case, I’d suggest Dream‘s He Loves U Not (lyrics). This song is perfect for when you don’t give a crap about what other people try to do because you know your relationship is solid.

But, sadly, not everyone can escape jealousy’s grasp. Dido‘s Don’t Think of Me (lyrics) shows the bitter side of jealousy, the side that no one likes to admit to – the side you lament about silently. This is the kind of jealous that seeks revenge.

Lastly, let’s focus on the situations that jealousy creates. The Pussycat Dolls‘ Don’t Cha ft. Busta Rhymes (lyrics) showcases them well, and thankfully, includes the message that one should not act on such things. Jealous affects us all in a lot of ways, so let’s take this advice and remind ourselves that it’s not worth a happy home!

Does jealous affect you? Let me know! And, be sure to include any music suggestions you might have 🙂

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  1. Mike Kitchen says:

    One from my generation. Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield. 🙂


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