Mix and Match SMILEs (Week 20 – 2015)

Woohoo 20 weeks of music! ^u^ Now, ever since I could understand what music was, “What genre do you listen to?” has always been a question that irked me. I grew up in a house that literally crossed every genre (in American and some random songs in other languages too), so I never understand why someone would want to limit themselves to one language of music, much less one specific genre in that language (eg. American country). There is so much brilliance out there, it just feels like willful ignorance to me. So, today, I’m not just going to feature a song in one genre and then a song in another; nope! I’m going to be showcasing songs that are themselves of mixed genres. Enjoy!

First up is Linkin Park and Jay-Z‘s Numb-Encore (lyrics). Linkin Park has been a member of my top five since they first debuted, so when I first heard about this collab, I was really existed. The final product resulted in not just this song, but an EP and DVD: Collision Course. I highly recommend checking out the whole thing! (Below is the official live version, so the song won’t sound quite the same as the mp3.)

Nelly and Tim McGraw‘s Over and Over (lyrics) was a very unlikely duo but also a big hit. What I love about this song and MV is that it keeps both artists in their separate elements but still shows how they’re equal. It really proves that there is no excuse for why crossovers can’t happen or won’t work.

A relatively new group is up next doing a cover mashup of Ariana Grande’s Problem and AOA’s Like a Cat (사뿐사뿐), here’s 디하이트 (DEHIGHT)‘s AOA, Ariana grande – PROBLEM x LIKE A CAT(사뿐사뿐) (lyrics are a mix of the two songs: Problem and Like a Cat) (mix of English and Korean). While it might seem like these two songs are similar, American Pop and Korean Pop are two very different genres, and Dehight took those two genres and turned them into something totally new. I was blown away when I first heard this, and I’m really looking forward to more of their work in the future!

This next track is not an “official” song, but rather it’s a mashup by YouTuber M-REMIX titled [MEGA MASH-UP] VIXX – Can’t Control (lyrics are a mix of various Vixx songs). Now, wait a second! That’s just one group, how can it be counted for this? Well, if you’d read the SMILE for week 15, you’d know that Vixx are concept idols, or in other words: built around being able to change genres. M-REMIX took these very different songs and was able to put them all together to create something truly unique and different, that alone deserves a spot on this list!

Finally, how can I do a mix and match list without talking about Aerosmith and Run–D.M.C.‘s Walk this Way (lyrics)? I mean, come on, this mashup song became the touchstone for an entirely new genre!

What are some collab/mashup songs that you enjoy? Let me know in a comment, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs!

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