2015 Eurovision Makes Me SMILE – Part 1 (Week 21 – 2015)

This weekend is a special one because it’s the finals of the 2015 Eurovision contest! This is a huge event that runs every year and features artists and groups from all over Europe. This year there are 40, yes 40!!, countries participating. In order to cover all the songs for this year’s contest, I will be splitting this week’s SMILE into two parts, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. It is important to note though: at the time of writing this, I do not know who the winner is! The contestants are announced long before the finals, which air Saturday night!, so I am able to type this all up without being spoiled. Enjoy!

Moldova’s entry is Eduard Romanyuta‘s I Want Your Love (lyrics). I think the song is pretty good, but the MV… was it a delusion? And, don’t get me started on the Stockholm Syndrome/sexist bs… -.- Basically, it was just a guy’s fantasy before he went to prison lol

Armenia’s entry is Genealogy‘s Face the Shadow (lyrics). Personally, I didn’t like all the vocal changes; it was a bit too much for my tastes. I think the idea behind the song and MV were pretty cool, but it’s just not for me.

Belgium’s entry is Loïc Nottet‘s Rhythm Inside (lyrics). This entry is… intriguing. The song has a good beat to it, but it’s still mellow. The MV is a little weird though, not context-wise, but like… was it supposed to look like it was filmed in the 90’s? >ㅂ<;; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV2b3L1K6_c Netherlands' entry is Trijntje Oosterhuis‘ Walk Along (lyrics). This is a solid song, even if it’s not completely to my taste, but it was definitely nice seeing a mature romance present where usually companies (at least in the US) would opt for a “teenage daydream”.

Finland’s entry is Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät‘s Aina mun pitää (lyrics)(Finnish). Yeah… totally not my taste haha but, hey, good luck Finland!

Greece’s entry is Maria Elena Kyriakou‘s One Last Breath (lyrics). The song isn’t bad, but the way she sang it was distracting to me; for example, notes I felt should be held longer were cut awkwardly short. The mic she was using was also very distracting since I like to be able to see a singer’s mouth move when they sing, and it covered like half her face lol The melodramatic acting didn’t help much either :/

Estonia’s entry is Elina Born and Stig Rästa‘s Goodbye to Yesterday (lyrics). This is a good song and I like the artist’s voices, but something about it… it just didn’t “pop” for me, you know? I kind of felt like they could have done so much better with a different, more powerful song… but, maybe that’s just me.

Macedonia’s entry is Daniel Kajmakoski‘s Autumn Leaves (lyrics). I like this song, not so much for the song itself, but for the creativity of it. It’s a nice twist on the whole “break up” song idea. The MV was a bit strange though, but again, that’s just my personal taste.

Serbia’s entry is Bojana Stamenov‘s Beauty Never Lies (lyrics). This song has all the makings of an internet hit; the video being filmed by fans from across the world only adds to that. While it’s not a song I would listen to everyday, I definitely like it and wholly love it’s message.

Hungary’s entry is Boggie‘s Wars for Nothing (lyrics). Ah~ Boggie, I really like her voice, and the fact that she always sends out a positive message with her music.

Belarus’ entry is Uzari and Maimuna‘s Time (lyrics). I like the mix of this song, electronic but folk. The MV was a bit comical though, which detracted from an otherwise nice video.

Russia’s entry is Polina Gagarina‘s A Million Voices (lyrics). Yep, so far, this is my favorite song. It’s beautiful and powerful, just the way I like my music, and the MV is ridiculously optimistic and colorful ^^

Denmark’s entry is Anti Social Media‘s The Way You Are (lyrics). This is the Cliché Love Song for the 2015 contest – upbeat, catchy love song. Watching the video really reminded me of That Thing You Do! hehe

Albania’s entry is Elhaida Dani‘s I’m Alive (lyrics). This is a beautiful song, and I really like her voice, but it’s not something I would listen to constantly – personal taste and all. I am going to look into her other songs though!

Romania’s entry is Voltaj‘s De la capăt (All over Again) (lyrics)(Romanian/English). This song, so far, will go down as my second pick. I love how smoothly everything flows together and that it’s sad, but meaningful.

Georgia’s entry is Nina Sublatti‘s Warrior (lyrics). I really like this MV, the imagery is strong and fits with the title. The song was good too, but I wasn’t as sold on it in the same way; I felt like it was missing a good “kick”, if that makes sense.

Australia’s entry is Guy Sebastian‘s Tonight Again (lyrics). “What Australia? They’re not in Europe!” No, but as this is the 60th annual contest, they were invited as a special guest. As for the song… ah~ it’s the Undo of 2015 xD Meaning: it’s an otherwise great song, but there’s just one tiny thing that kills it for me. With Undo, it was horrible grammar; with this, the last line of the chorus just bugs me so much lol

United Kingdom’s entry is Electro Velvet‘s Still in Love with You (lyrics). This song is so catchy and fun! The MV is a little… odd with the mixing of era-styles, but it’s still interesting. This is the kind of song you play when you just wanna dance around the house and be silly ^^

Austria’s entry is The Makemakes‘ I Am Yours (lyrics). This song gave me serious Coldplay-style vibes, mixed with a little Elton John. It’s sweet and mellow – a feel good song.

Germany’s entry is Ann Sophie‘s Black Smoke (lyrics). I’ll compare this one to last year’s Attention. It’s not that either are bad songs, I just personally don’t like their voices and style of singing.

Well, that’s it for part 1! Which songs are your favorites? Let me know in a comment, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs!

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