Russian SMILEs (Week 27 – 2015)

I discovered a Russian music chart recently, so I’m making this week all about songs in Russian! Btw, searching for these song titles in YouTube was pretty difficult (since they’re, you know, in Russian), but having this amazingly useful site helped a lot! Now, since I don’t know much (if anything really) about Russian music, I added in a couple extra songs to explore it more ^^ Enjoy!

First is Юлия САВИЧЕВА‘s НЕВЕСТА (lyrics)(Russian). The music video is nicely poetic for the love song that it is and her voice/style of singing is definitely something I like. I will, for sure, be looking into her in the future! Reading a bit of her bio now, she represented Russia in the 2004 Eurovision contest. Pretty awesome ^^

Second today is Егор Крид (KReeD)’s Надо Ли (lyrics)(Russian). This is my first time hearing Russian rap, and I like it. It reminds me of the first time I heard rapping in French via Black M. While American rap is something I rarely like, I’m finding that I quite enjoy rap in other languages lol

Next up is Полина Гагарина‘s Шагай (lyrics)(Russian). Now, I didn’t recognize the name as it’s in Russian, but I did recognize the face since Polina Gagarina (her name in English) performed one of my absolute favorite recent songs for the 2015 Eurovision song contest (I was genuinely shocked that she came in second). Anyways, so I had intended to look up more from her, but this was purely coincidence. I’m happy though, cause this song is really good and the video is pretty amusing ^^

Бурито‘s Ты знаешь ft. Ёлка (lyrics)(Russian) is fourth, and I really like this song. Ёлка’s voice is so nice, in fact this whole song is really smooth and relaxing. Apparently, the music video is noteworthy too, being shot solely with iPhones. They did a wonderful job!

5sta Family and DJ Pankratov‘s Моя мелодия (lyrics)(Russian) comes in next. It was pretty hard to find info on them. Well, that’s not true… if you speak Russian hehe Anyhow, this is an easy-going pop song. It wouldn’t be out of place on last week’s SMILE actually.

And, last up for today, here’s Нюша‘s Только (lyrics)(Russian). Sorry to end on a downer, but at least it’s both a nice song and video. This is yet another artist I will look into… it seems I will be listening to quite a bit of Russian music in the future ^^

Do you know any Russian songs? Leave them in a comment below, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs! Oh, and happy 4th of July! ^^

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