Do You SMILE in your sleep? (Week 29 – 2015)

One of the important things to know about me is that I sleep a lot… like, a lot a lot. I’m what is known as a long sleeper. Physically, there is nothing wrong with me, I just need an average of 10 hours of sleep every night in the same way a “normal” person needs 8; sometimes that number can be as high as 12 hours. Since sleep is such a big part of my life, I decided to do this week’s SMILE on the subject. Enjoy!

Let’s start things off with The Waterboys‘ The Girl Who Slept for Scotland (lyrics), which was inspired by a girl who was difficult to wake up. It’s meant as a lighthearted jab, “If there was an Olympic event for sleeping…”, but as I’m sure many people can relate: waking up is difficult!

On that same vine, here’s R.E.M.‘s Get Up (lyrics). Yes, the band’s name is referring to rapid eye movement, but it wasn’t a big thing – they selected it at random hehe ^^ Anyways, this song fits their name quiet well and is another jab, this time at the band’s bassist Mike Mills who has a habit of sleeping in.

David Cook‘s Circadian (lyrics) comes in next. Going by the lyrics, you might not quite get how this is about sleep, but David has described the song as “falling asleep and escaping the day, and using sleep as a reprieve.” For many, that is exactly what sleep means.

Pink Floyd‘s A Pillow Of Winds (lyrics) is another one of those songs were you might not quite understand the true connection to ‘sleep’, especially given the band’s penchant for poetic prose. But, the song itself is meant to represent the different stages of sleep. Listening to it can definitely make you sleepy!

Last up this week is The Beatles‘ I’m Only Sleeping (lyrics). This song isn’t necessarily just about sleeping, but rather the joy of simply being in bed, which is something John Lennon quit liked. I quite like it too ^^

What songs make you sleepy? Leave them in a comment below, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs!

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