SMILEs Glow Brightly Under Black Lights (Week 31 – 2015)

Still working on catching up after my computer decided to fail me, so I’m again pulling from my saved up list of ideas for this week. For this list, I included songs that incorporated black lights into their MV filming. Why? Because I like it ^^ Enjoy!

First up is my favorite on this list, MBLAQ‘s Smokey Girl (lyrics)(Korean). This song, by the group’s own (joking) admission, is about a cheap guy using a girl’s sadness to his benefit. Despite that, I adore this song, and I especially enjoy the use of black lights in conjunction with the overall use of color in the MV.

Next is Lisa Rowe‘s Black Light (lyrics). This MV uses black lights in a common manner, as the “wild” negative image to reality. The song isn’t one I would listen to outside of a dance party, but I do enjoy good use of imagery ^^

Speaking of imagery, All Time Low‘s Kids In The Dark (lyrics) is third, and I love their use of black lights as a metaphor. This song is right up my alley and the fact that they could really showcase their message in such a simple way is too.

Last one for this week isn’t for the musically faint of heart; here’s The Blacklight Configuration‘s The Blacklight (lyrics – click the button). While their use of black lights might not be like those above, I included it because it’s something new to me. A metal band with dark imagery, that’s duh!, but being covered in glow in the dark paint? Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t seen it done before.

What song MV’s are your favorite uses of black lights? Let me know in a comment below, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs!

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