Jennifer Koch

Born in Galveston, Texas, Jennifer moved to Michigan when she was just a baby. An avid reader from elementary school on, she didn’t start putting her own stories down on paper until early middle school. Her creative mind was active long before though, as evident in the tales of her neighbors who reminisce about a young girl who used to run around the neighborhood with friends and randomly put on plays that included both grand tales and amusing costumes. In developing her writing, she has become quite fond of characters and enjoys creating them as well as helping others develop their own. This strong desire to help others, as well as learn about what makes them tick, is what lead her to a degree in psychology. Her storytelling preferences strongly favor deep internal conflict and character driven tales that focus on the grayness of morality.

Available Works:

(Listed by date of publication)

WTM Front Cover Write to Meow 2014 ISBN / LoCCN: 978-1-62828-069-2 / 2014955917 | Purchase
Works Included: I Don’t Like the Vet
WTW Front Cover Write to Woof 214 ISBN / LoCCN: 978-1-62828-022-7 / 2014931327 | Purchase
Works Included: Shelter Roof, Bloody Floor
Legends Winter 2014 Front Cover Legends: Winter 2014 ISBN / LoCCN: 978-162828-028-9 / 2014989153 | Purchase
Works Included: Brother | Happy
legends-autumn Legends: Autumn 2013 ISBN / LoCCN: 978-1-62828-018-0 / 2013954818 | Purchase
Works Included: Elusion | Reunited in the End
legends-summer1 Legends: Summer 2013 ISBN / LoCCN: 978-1-62828-006-7 / 2013945373 | Purchase
Works Included: Bats in the Belfry | Dreams Seized Fruitlessly Fall on Pitiless Reality | Sabbat | Sally’s Murder | Writing on a Black Page
WitM2013 Written in the Mitten 2013 ISBN / LoCCN: 978-1-62556-002-5 / 2012924317 | Out of Print
Works Included: Dreams Seized Fruitlessly Fall on Pitiless Reality | Sabbat | Writing on a Black Page


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