I started this because I knew a short little list with a couple of words would never cover the vast scope of all the things I find annoying and/or stupid. The thing is, most people find this shit in some way irritating so none of it should surprise anyone (if it does, stop doing it and make the rest of us happy!). They’re not in any real order, I just add them when I notice them (so please inform me of any repeats). I swear a lot too (and rightly so), you have been warned. Also, yes, I am fully aware that I have done several of the things listed here in my lifetime. No one is perfect.

Unwritten rules – How exactly do you expect people to follow rules that you don’t put in the ‘rules list’? If you want people to do a certain something than make it clear from go. Assuming someone will just know not to do something is idiotic. You have no right to get mad at someone when they had no idea and you’re the dumbass.

When people volunteer me for things without asking – You do realize that just because you want me to do something doesn’t mean I am going to right? I hope you enjoy looking like an idiot when I don’t show up.

People who say ‘that’s not art’ – Says who? Oh right, you. Everything is art in its own way, it’s just a matter of if the person looking at it can appreciate it in their own way or not. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not art to someone else.

How everything is a ‘lost art’ now – Just because no one really does it anymore doesn’t make it this magical ‘lost art form’ that we just must revive. It also doesn’t make you better than anyone else just because you do it when everyone else has moved on (and probably rightly so).

People who rely too much on the notions of ‘common decency and responsibilities to humanity ‘ when trying to persuade people – Not everyone feels they have a responsibility to humanity. And common decency varies wildly from one group to another (common my ass). These notions are only useful if someone actually wants to be a part of them! Sorry, but not everyone is a bleeding heart.

People who, when you say something bad about America, reply with ‘millions come here to live a better life so you’re wrong’ – 1. Most of the people who immigrate do so because they have a shitty life in their own country. Many probably fell for the whole “get rich quick” bullshit and chances are they will become a burden to our system and be worse off in the long run (this is a problem with both the system and immigration). 2. Many didn’t come here for a ‘better life’ at all, but rather for better freedoms. Lots of people come because of free speech, free religion, etc and don’t care about the decrease in say ‘a better way of life.’ 3. The US is actually doing much worse than many other modern countries, like Japan, so the idea of people coming here for a ‘better’ life is rather laughable.

People who, when you say something bad about America, reply with “then you’re welcome to leave” – For many, their egos as Americans have been pumped so full of shit that we can’t even handle the slightest criticism from someone who is *gasp* also an American. Just because I say something negative about America, like how our education system is bad or that our government only cares about itself, doesn’t mean I automatically have to move to another country because I think things are just oh so horrible here. Besides, that’s what America is all about: questioning the “status quo” and then kicking the shit out of it when it doesn’t serves the ideals this country was founded on (minus all the bullshit ones like “all men are created equal” while our forefathers owned slaves. The first part’s good, but the guys were fucking hypocrites). This is what got us away from England in the first place and now we’re being punished for the slightest step out of line? Another great ideal this country was founded on: the fact that I have every right to speak my mind, and hey -guess what- you have every right not to listen or to disagree with me. However, if your first response is to be “disgusted” because “how can you disgrace your own country like that” then you obviously don’t understand what this country was created for.

People who say ‘I’ve served my country what have you done’ or think that military service is an end all great deed – I love and honor the people who protect me, but that doesn’t mean serving is the only thing that makes you a great citizen. Standing up to corruption in the government and other such things is just as valid.

People who can’t handle any talk about changing the constitution – Yes, it is a great document, but it is dated and was written by slave owners (among other negatives). Sometimes even the greatest of things needs an update.

People who think someone is holding a grudge when they’re not – If you ask them about the same bad event over and over and they give the same passionate response (ie they’re remembering all the bullshit) it doesn’t mean they are holding on to some big grudge. Stop fucking bringing this shit up and see how often they talk about it, see how much they really care. I bet it’s a big fat zero. You’re the one with the problem, not them.

People who tell me ‘say thank you’ – I know when to say it and, no, I don’t have to say it after every damn sentence. I don’t have to follow your personal rules of etiquette thank you very much!

People who say ‘here’s what you’re going to do’ rather than ‘could you do this’ – I don’t mind helping people out, however I don’t like feeling like a slave under a dictator. I will dictate my own life thank you very much. Besides, changes are I know what needs to be done already so you don’t need to bark out orders. Show me that you appreciate my help and that you know I am there because I want to be not because I have to me. Remember, that could easily change.

Doing the work someone asked me to do and then having them change their mind – If you want me to do something, kindly know what the hell you want before I start! Otherwise, don’t expect me to help out next time.

Fake hospitality – A lot of people would say I am talking about the south but I am referring to all kinds of fakeness here. Besides, half of my family tree is from the south so I know the difference between real southern hospitality and just plain old ‘I’m only pretending to be nice.’ I just do not see the point in it. If I don’t know you then don’t try to act all sweet and pretend your my best bud… you’re not even close. All it does is make me think you’re a fake person, one I shouldn’t bother with.

People who have to know everything about what’s going on – These are the people who give you a task and then stand over your shoulder the whole time just waiting to see if you make a ‘mistake.’ And, when you do something they don’t like, they immediately step in and take over. …do you want my help or not? If you want to do everything yourself then fucking do it yourself and don’t waste my time.  If you can’t stand not knowing something than kindly don’t bother me, I like things being a little mysterious.

People who make fun of others for hiccups – It’s like making fun of someone for having blue eyes or red hair, they can’t control it. So stop giving them shit about it.

People who think jealousy is cool or loving – Jealousy ruins lives and can even lead to someone getting killed or committing suicide. It’s not sweet, it’s not endearing, it’s not something to smile about. If your boyfriend/girlfriend gets pissy because you’re talking to some random person they don’t like, that’s their problem, and they have no right whatsoever to infringe upon your right to keep talking. Sure, sit down and talk about it, but don’t let them get away with that shit. The only think jealousy is good for is to end a relationship!

Designers who think they know better than you when it’s your house – My aunt wanted dark purple on her walls because she likes the color and yet her designer did everything he could to change it over to light blues and grays. Seriously, you’re getting paid to help her design a nice house that she will enjoy not one that you will. Talk about trying to get fired, I certainly would never hire someone like that.

People who put down your work when you volunteered to help – Honestly… there’s a sure way to make damn sure you’ll be finishing the work by yourself.

People who respond to ‘you can’t please everyone’ with ‘why not?’ – There is no way on this earth that every single person will be happy all at the same time. It’s just not possible. Everyone is different and everyone has their own idea of what makes them happy. Put a serial murderer and a random person in a room and try to make them both happy. Just try.

People who can’t just answer a simple question – This woman posted a simple message and all she wanted to know was ideas for how to keep her cat from under her bed. Rather than get a quick, simple answer, she was overrun with people saying “oh but that may be the cat’s safe place” blah blah. She then posted again, in what I thought was a very respectful manner, and asked people to stop assuming things about her cat and to simply answer the question. The next few posts consisted of people saying “wow you sound frustrated, is this your first cat” and “if their not doing anything wrong then why can’t they go under the bed?” Dear fucking Christ people!! Just answer the damn question and stop being nosy, over-analytical jackasses!! You don’t know everything about the situation, nor do you need too, so stop assuming you know what’s going on. She asked a simple fucking question so give her a simple fucking answer and then move the fuck on.

People, when talking about a fandom pairing, say ‘yes, I ship it’ like it’s some badge of honor or something – Hurray you ship so and so… so what? It doesn’t make you part of some special club or anything and it’s certainly not like you’re the only one who does. Being a part of a fandom is about being a part of a community, not making yourself seem more important just because you ship the oh so great so and so. While you’re all alone up there on that pedestal, we’ll be down here enjoying ourselves without you.

People who get made when you say thank god but you don’t believe in god – It’s an expression; only hardcore religious freaks actually think it means you’re referring to God. It’s the same with ‘oh my god’ and ‘dear Christ.’ I don’t need to believe in my government to say I am a US citizen do I? No, so kindly get over yourself.

People who say ‘your making it look worse than it is’ – Who are you to tell me how bad it is? I’m the one who broke my arm (or whatever) so I am pretty sure I have a better understanding of just how bad it is. Shut up and stop trying to make it look like I’m overreacting when really you have no idea what the hell your talking about. I will decide how bad things are when it comes to my life thank you very much.

When know one has complained and yet a bunch of people jump in and tell everyone to calm down – Way to open your mouths without understanding the situation. Trying paying attention next time. Just because it may be a topic that could lead to an argument doesn’t mean there aren’t intelligent people out there who can debate it without one. Take a minute to assess things before jumping in, it will save you a lot of trouble later in life.

People who say ‘you’re not ___ enough because ___’ – And exactly whose standards are we following here? Oh right, yours. You know what your standards mean to me? Jack shit.

People who think that just because it’s on tv than it must be staged in some way, even if it’s a documentary – Someone actually compared NatGeo to Jersey Shore… seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people! Granted, NatGeo isn’t perfect but come on! Everything is scripted, photoshopped, air brushed, and run through a publicist to these people. Nothing is real anymore to them; they probably watch too many fucking shows about how this or that is fake and their air heads just suck it up as gospel. Here’s a thought: get off your couch and see for yourself!

People who say this about paramedics/doctors/nurses/etc: “he/she saves lives, how can you talk bad about them” – Not all of them are in it for some heroic reason. Some do it just for the paycheck. Some do it because they have a huge ego and want the attention. I know, shocking right? Don’t look up to people just because of their job title; look up to people because of who they are not what they are!

People who judge the actor by the character they play – Just because the character is an all around hero and nice guy doesn’t mean the actor can’t be the biggest jerk in the world. Don’t define someone because you love their character, define someone when you know that’s how they really are. Hollywood is full of fake people, that’s what they’re paid for!

People who complain when I say I don’t care – Example: someone asks if I think they should lose weight and I don’t care because I would still like them if they did or didn’t. Yet they get mad and say I have to pick one… at that point you don’t care about my opinion, you just want me to either tell you what you already know or you want me to validate your opinion. Sure, lose weight, it’s good for you. However, don’t get all pissy at me if I say you should, don’t be all ‘so you think I’m fat.’ No idiot, you asked and I said I didn’t care, but you pushed me so I picked the healthier option… yet now you wanna give me shit for it? Fuck off.

People who say ‘it’s not truly canon to the story’ when talking about something that has another ‘earlier’ version – I hear this a lot with people who talk about manga and anime, like the manga version is the one true and only story and everything else isn’t really canon. Bullshit. If it comes from the same author, it’s canon. Period. I have even heard people say that because JK Rowling said it in an interview and it wasn’t actually in the books than it’s not canon… what the fuck is wrong with you people! She is the damn author and whatever she says is law. What’s the point of reading the author’s work if your not going to listen to them on all of it? It’s just another way to pretend to be elitist. Sorry, doesn’t work.

People who posts to ‘secrets’ websites with things that aren’t actually secrets – If you would tell any random person on a forum then it’s not a fucking secret now is it? ‘My secret is that I ship so and so and I don’t care what anyone says’ while their icon and signature picture is of said ship… obviously not a secret.

People who read/watch/whatever from another country and then complain about this or that character’s actions/values – Different societies have different ways of interacting, etc. You can’t complain about how a couple from a Japanese show is not acting more “American.” Not only is it completely ignorant on your part, but it also takes away from your enjoyment of the show. Learn a little culture!

People who use. a. period. after. every. single. damn. word. – I get that it’s used to make a point of something, but don’t fucking overdo it. Real writers know how to emphasizes themselves without doing stupid shit like that.

People who complain that Sailor Mercury’s attack (from Sailor Moon) is useless – Guys, she’s the smartest fucking one in the bunch. She doesn’t need some kick ass attack to win the fight.

People who say things like “I love your attempt at sounding “open minded” when in fact you are just as biased.” – Well no fucking shit, EVERYONE is biased, everyone. Even a random person on the street, pulled into a conversation, is going to be biased. Anyone who has ever had personal experiences is going to be biased, we need to stop this shit already.

People who, no matter how good someone does, always has something negative to say – “Oh you’re saving a lot of money and stocking up on some stuff? That’s nice, but now you’re hoarding.” Can’t you just be happy that their doing well? Why must there always be a negative, why always look for something bad? It’s not healthy on the psyche nor on your relationships.

People who think that everything good about something they’ve been told is bad is propaganda – Like the “good” guys don’t do it. I told someone recently that cola is not technically all that bad for you in moderation and they went off on me about the negative effects it has on this or that and how there have been studies blah blah…. 1. Studies are fucking biased as all hell. The only people who get the money to do them are the ones that skew their results in favor of whatever the money giver wants. 2. Wake up and realize that you’re giving in to the propaganda machine. Do your own research and stop blindly following what other people tell you!

People who say I am to impulsive when I speak and thus “hurt other people’s feelings” – I don’t do politically correct. I prefer to speak before thinking because I feel it offers a deeper understanding of the self without trying to sugar coat everything for the benefit of everyone else around you. If you don’t like it than don’t talk to me.

People who think that just because I follow a certain philosophy than I must be part of this or that group – I don’t drink/smoke/etc but don’t doesn’t mean I’m a part of the “straight edge” movement. I don’t do it simply for my own reasons, not because of some big ideal that some movement has. People need to remember that

People who say “they didn’t want it enough” – I hear this a lot from sports fans when their team loses the big game for the big prize. Really? They didn’t want it enough? Talk about making excuses! It’s bullshit, for one, as no one would play if they didn’t want to win. And, for two, anything can happen doing a game… anything. If your team is winning but the other team scores in the last moment and thus wins the game, you can’t say they didn’t want it enough as that has nothing to do with it. Just acknowledge that your team played a good game but still lost and leave it at that. Besides, this is a really negative thing to say as it implies that the people on the team really don’t give a shit and, as a fan, that’s a horrid thing to say about your team!

People who say we throw the word “love” around too much – These people think that unless you’re talking to your wife or girlfriend that you’re not being sincere and are making the word meaningless. First off, a word can never be meaningless; and secondly, I think these idiots have forgotten that there are all kinds of love. Love for friends, love for family, just having love for people in general… it’s all still love, just like love for your girlfriend/wife, just in a different way. We are capable of so much when we care about others, don’t fucking quash that with your minimal notions.

People who say they tried to look something up but couldn’t find anything when it’s obviously they didn’t – “Oh, I tried, but I couldn’t find an answer” yet I do a simple search and find tons of stuff. We all know you’re just being fucking lazy. Your question is not more important than the twenty other people who have already asked the same damn thing. You’re just making yourself look like an idiot and a loser.

People who assume a poster is lying when they say they’re asking about their friend – People do have friends you know. And people do talk about them and ask about them too. Just because it does happen, that people use their “friend” to talk about themselves, doesn’t mean that every single person is doing it. I also really hate that this seems to bring out the inner dick in some people, “we know your talking about yourself, don’t fucking lie.” Don’t be an assuming dick, just answer whatever question the poster wants to know. What the hell does it matter if it’s for their “friend” or not?

People who don’t know the difference between Anorexia and Anorexia Nervosa – Anorexia Nervous is an eating disorder in which people starve themselves, Anorexia is simply a lack of appetite. Just because we got too lazy to say the whole disorder does not change the definition of the part we do say! I loathe when I tell people that I have Anorexia and their response is “but you’re not that skinny” …not only is that insulting weight wise, but it’s also insulting in the fact that they will now think I have some serious disorder; even if I try to explain the difference, the thought of me having an eating disorder stays in their minds and then they start trying to make me eat something every time they see me. It’s so annoying!!! Learn the difference and realize what you’re actually saying people!

People who think that being private means you have something to hide – Privacy is not secrecy. There is a difference between hiding the fact that you’re a murderer and just not showing people your medical bills. If we all believed that privacy meant you were hiding something than we would all live in glass houses, be nudists, and have our own personal tv show that broadcast everything we did. “But the government is just trying to protect us”… bullshit. Well, half bullshit. I don’t mind the protection side of things, it’s just when that so-called ‘protection’ goes too far. Random people are gathering random information about your life and putting it together how they think it goes and we all know how useful assumptions are. Not to mention being under surveillance has been proven to affect First Amendment rights like freedom of speech and free association. Not because the people are doing anything wrong, but because they know they are being judged. And, because we have made the extremist and politically correct views the norm in this country, everyone is afraid that the slightest perception of breaking from that norm will be looked at as the greatest sin ever. It’s a line that one has to watch closely, I agree, but far FAR to often people just let the other party step over it and don’t say anything. Well you can be sure I will speak up!

People who complain about “plot holes” in a show that was cancelled – It’s not a plot hole, it’s just not finished. A writer, unless they know they only have so many episodes, doesn’t explain everything right away because that would ruin the experience and the show. I am sure they had every intention of explaining things and working out these so called holes but they never got the chance. It’s not their fault people, it’s the stupid execs who cancelled the show. Blame the right people!

People who make the person who makes the least amount of money to pay the most – Hey rich people, did it ever occur to you that I might want to save a little money too? I make the least out of all of you yet you want me to pay 25% more? I don’t fucking think so. Oh, you want to look down at me now and call me cheap? Pot calling the kettle black much?

How everyone thinks they have it the hardest – Sorry to burst your bubble, but I guarantee there is someone out there in the world who has it harder than you. Oh your job is so hard? But your not starving on the streets now are you? Besides, you’re working at a fucking office or a burger place (most people who I have heard complain like this work at these places), it’s not like you have to work road construction all day long. You don’t know what hard is. Stop fucking bitching, live within your means, and enjoy your life. Stop trying to chase after the bogus American Dream vacation life, it’s never going to happen.

People who can’t stop talking about themselves and it makes you want to be self-centered and talk about yourself just to get a word in – People who can’t stop talking about themselves are annoying enough, but when they are so consumed by themselves that they make you feel the need to be that way too just to get a word in to the conversation… and it’s even more insulting when, after you do start talking about yourself so you can actual join the conversation, they look at you like you’re the one with the problem. These are the worst kind of people, the ones who make you feel like the bad guy for something they’re doing wrong.

People who think that when you include magic in a story “anything can happen and everything can be fixed by magic” – Nope. Magic is not a cure all, not in any story I have ever read. But people like to say this when they watch/read some fantasy story and something happens with magic that they don’t personally like, say a character is saved just in time by some newly mastered spell. Let me break it down for you: 1. It’s a freaking fantasy story! That right there should throw up some red flags that reality is, you know, not the same?! 2. Magic has the potential to do anything, sure, but it’s not the magic you need to worry about, it’s the writer. They’re the ones who determine what the magic in the story will be able to do. If the writer isn’t any good then the story won’t be either, magic or not. 3. If magic really was so godlike than there would be no story, no world, in the first place. All it would take is one guy to do one spell and everything would be fucked… understand that? Just one person (in a world of millions, if not billions) has to learn and use the spell to destroy the world when their having a bad day and it’s bye bye world. Can’t restore a planet with magic if there isn’t anyone around to the cast the spell genius. So no magic can’t fix everything, in fact that’s exactly why almost all magical systems (that I know of) have rules!

When someone says something and it’s all great but when I say it suddenly it’s no ok – Especially if it has nothing to do with context or location or whose around. Talk about a double standard. What’s good for you to say should be good for me to say. If it’s not, don’t fucking say it yourself. Lead by example you know? You don’t get to act all superior and look down on me for mentioning something you already brought up.

People who don’t get involved – People need to learn that there is a difference between not getting involved and not getting involved unless it’s necessary. When someone is having any argument that is between them, no, you don’t need to get involved. However, if someone is being bullied or is clearly hurting as a result of what’s going on, then yes, you should jump in with both feet. If we don’t get involved and step up then we are just reinforcing the belief that things don’t get better, that we really don’t care. That is the real message you’re sending your kids: Don’t get involved because it’s not your business to help someone in need, to try and make the world better, or to show you’re a good person. Sure, fine, don’t get involved, just don’t act all surprised when someone doesn’t come help you when you’re in need. That’s the world you created after all.

People who complain “their not as good anymore” – People say this a lot about bands, that their not the same as when they first released such and such cd. News flash: people change over time! They grow! Yeah imagine that, new experiences actually affect people! Wanting someone else’s work to stay the same just because you like it a certain way is being selfish over something you have no control over. Get over yourself; sorry but just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean the band has to do what you want.

People who complain that something is “complicated” – No, it’s not. You’re just making it complicated by not just straight up doing and asking what you need to. Stop being a wuss and step up to the plate!

People who say fanfiction isn’t “real” writing – I am putting words down on paper, forming them into a story = it’s fucking “real” writing. Ok, so they mean it in a different way, but I really don’t care because they are morons. People write fanfiction because they enjoy the fandom, because they want to expand on different plotline’s with various characters. Just because they do, however, does not mean they don’t have original ideas or that they are fake/bad writers. No one has the right to tell me how to use my imagination and my skills. I will write what I like and if you don’t like it then don’t fucking read it.

People who say “it’s just a cheap version of the infinitely superior…” – High horse much? Bit of truth: just because you think something is better doesn’t mean that it is. Not to mention that there hasn’t been an original idea in entertainment for ages so the fact that certain things are similar is a moot point. Basically I am saying, get over yourself. Liking one show over another doesn’t make you cool, more popular, better than anyone else, etc. and trying to act like it does just makes you look like a total jackass.

The phrase “it’s a poor man’s…” – This one goes along with the above but is much more elitist. This is the new way of saying “only the ‘little people’ like that.” It doesn’t do anything for your argument people, except of course prove that you’re the same as a country club pansy bitch who likes to dig that stick up his ass a little deeper everyday.

People who complain that something is ‘dated’ – Well no shit! It wasn’t made yesterday genius!

When you post an apartment review and, since it’s good, people automatically assume you must secretly be management – Honestly… because I actually enjoy were I live it has to be a scam? Just because your life sucks doesn’t mean mine does. If you don’t like where you live how about you fucking move!

People who think actors are paid to be have their privacy invaded for our pleasure – NO! They get paid to make movies/shows. Period! Just because they entertain you does not mean you can invade every aspect of their lives. Here’s a thought: get your own fucking life and stop trying to live vicariously through someone else!

The idea of idiot proofing – People make mistakes, you don’t have to make it ‘idiot proof,’ just make it where if they do make a mistake it’s still ok or easily fixed. Idiot proof sounds like you’re dragging yourself down rather than trying to make things easier.

People who complain that going green costs more – These are the people who would rather pay thousands of dollars more over their lifetimes than just pay a bit extra up front. If you want to waste all your money fine with me but, personally, I would rather go for the option that will SAVE me money in the long run. So while I am enjoying a nice vacation you can sit at home and wonder how you’re going to pay your bills.

People who can’t accept the answer “I just don’t” – Somethings can’t be explained, sometimes we just don’t like something because we don’t. I don’t need a reason, I just don’t. End of story.

People who complain about prices at the Salvation Army or other thrift stores – I actually heard some woman complaining that she didn’t buy anything because she wasn’t going to pay “full price” for something and couldn’t find anything good on sale. Full price? You’re at a fucking SALVATION ARMY!!! Full price is a department store $30 t-shirt not a $5 pair of jeans from a thrift store you ungrateful bitch.

People who say someone needs to grow “tougher skin” – No, it’s not about being blunt or straight to the point or telling someone what they don’t want to here. You can do all that and STILL be nice about it, STILL treat the other person with dignity and respect. Bottom line is you’re just an ass who is trying to make excuses for your bad manners and behavior. How about you grow some fucking balls and learn to treat people with courtesy. It takes a lot stronger of a person to be truthful and respectful than it does to just be a total ass, that’s the cheap way out.

People who are so worried about THEIR image that they come down on those around them – I once edited a Wikipedia page about my aunt and made a couple, easily overlooked, grammar errors. My parents gave me holy hell because I ‘didn’t do it perfectly the first time’ and because ‘it reflects poorly on them and my aunt when their daughter can’t do something right.’ It’s a fucking small wiki page not an end-all scientific journal article or something for one and two, if I happen to miss something, there’s only about 10 million other people out there who can easily fix it. Chill the fuck out. Honestly, I got chastised for like an hour by each of them for a couple stupid grammar errors… how about, rather than yelling at me, you just fucking log on and fix the damn errors yourself!!! Apparently, you’re to freaking lazy to get off your ass and handle your own ‘image’ yourself. Nah, that’s what your minions *cough*, I mean, children are for right? We’re just accessories to make you look good… fucking hypocrites.

People who say ‘oh you’re just jealous’ seriously – It’s the new black to ‘it’s all about me, deal with it’. Yes, because the world revolves around you. Sorry, I’m not jealous, but I do feel sorry for you.

Pessimists who always have to be right – Talk about not wanting to have a conversation with someone!!! Sorry I ever said anything, really! How does anyone actually like hanging around with these people?? “Yeah well that sucks because…” “But it doesn’t have to if you…” “No it still sucks because…” “But…” “No it still sucks because…” Jesus Christ! Shut the fuck up and go sit in your ‘everything sucks’ corner all by yourself!

People who make ‘joke’ threads about heated topics, but don’t say their joke threads, and then laugh at the people who post – Generally I try to ignore these threads (fake or not), but when I come across one where someone has posted thinking it was a real discussion and they get called an idiot because “dude it’s a joke” -when nowhere does it say that it’s a joke up until then- it annoys me greatly. Just because you’re too much of an idiot to say that you’re just being an idiot doesn’t mean you can make fun of someone else who is reacting to what they assume is genuine. Here’s a shocker: YES! People will actually take threads about racism seriously! Imagine that! Normally, I would say think before you post but if you’re making joke threads about racism than you’re probably too much of an idiot to even do that.

People who are part of an outcast group that complain when someone tries to show them in a good light – Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy, you’re contributing to your own negative image genius. I recently watched a documentary on witches/Wicca/etc, it showed how they have evolved through the ages and spoke with some well known people in the religion. It was a good show, painting these people as every day neighbors -people who just happened to believe something different-, yet go online and you would think it was the devil based on all the comments from stupid self proclaimed “real” witches/Wiccans. So they talked to someone you don’t personally like, get a grip! So they included the Salem Witch Trails which doesn’t have much of anything to do with actual witches, yeah, wanna know why? Because it’s a fucking part of the history surrounding witches which is what the damn show is about! The documentary tries hard to show that most people view witches/Wiccans wrongly, yet these “real” witches/Wiccans are taking it as the end all show on ‘what is a witch/Wiccan’. These “real” witches/Wiccans are real jokes and are a disgrace to actual real witches/Wiccans.

People who say ‘if it’s out there, why haven’t we found it yet?’ – That’s bullshit. Make yourself sound so superior why don’t you. The human race does not know everything, we will be making new discoveries for centuries to come. We cannot view every inch of this planet all at once all the time and, until we can, we have no right to act like its fucking rulers.

When you say ‘I would gladly give my life for another’ and someone’s first response is ‘why aren’t you in the military then?’ – There are other ways to help people than being in the fucking military. There are other ways to die to protect someone too. Just because I don’t feel the need carry a gun around or lay down my life for a government that doesn’t give a shit about me does not mean I wouldn’t jump in front of a bullet to save someone if I could. Give every day heroes the respect they deserve.

People who define others by the company they keep – That’s another way of saying guilt by association. Sorry, doesn’t work that way. I hang out with people who get wasted at parties but I don’t drink. I hang out with people who like guns but I could care less about them. These people are some of my best friends and yet we are very different in areas. I think you need to try again. Try not to generalize this time, it only makes you look like an idiot.

People who ask you to do something and you do it but then ask you to send them everything so they can “just take a look” – It’s the nice way of saying “I don’t fucking trust that you did everything right so I have to check”. If it’s going to be that way than you can do the damn work yourself!

People who assume that everything I do I want to somehow improve on – Yeah sure, a little advice on improvement is never bad, but that doesn’t mean I always want it. It might surprise some people but sometimes I actually do things for fun! Yes, fun! Meaning, I could give a crap less about improving anything. The moment I have to look at something and say “ugh gotta pick up the pencil again and work on this damn thing…” will be the moment I STOP doing it. If I want your critique I will ASK FOR IT, otherwise keep your opinions to yourself and just let me enjoy myself as that is all I am trying to do.

The phrase ‘brutally honest’ – People who review stories say this like it actually means that their going to tell you the whole truth and not hold anything back, like their reviews will tell you things you don’t want to hear but thing that need to be said. …people have obviously forgotten what the hell brutal and honest mean. Brutal: savage, cruel, inhuman, crude, harsh, exhausting, irrational, unreasoning. Honest: honorable, fairness, sincere, frank, genuine, unadulterated, respectable, truthful, creditable. These two words mean the complete opposite of each other, how exactly can you be sincere and fair while at the same time cruel and irrational?? Brutally honest entails that, sure you’ll tell me what you think is the sincere and unadulterated truth, but your going to be a total fucking dick about it and the ‘truth’ might be complete irrational. Frankly I would never want a review from a person who uses this phrase. People mean well, but if they can’t even get this part right… yeah. Besides that, if you’re already being honest why would you need to be “brutally” honest? Doesn’t being honest already cover everything? Does saying brutally honest make your reviews more honest? If it does than I feel sorry for the people getting reviews from you.

The phrase ‘you just don’t do that’ – One of those “polite society” phrases. “You just don’t show affection in public”, “you just don’t swear in public”… bullshit. And it’s even more bullshit when they can’t even explain why and just say “because you don’t.” Just because you were raised to foolishly believe that there is a “proper” way that everyone in the world should behave doesn’t make you right. Don’t push your uptight, outdated beliefs on me. If you want to be around only people who “behave well in polite society” than gather them up and go live in a box because right now you’re in the real world and in the real world people understand that just because someone kisses another in public doesn’t make them any less of a person.

People who say “I’m a curious/weird mixture of” and then list a bunch of things that go together – How does being “friendly but shy, open yet reserved, sweet but evil if you make me mad” make you curious/weird?? That just makes you a normal person as we’re all friendly, open, and sweet or shy, revered, and evil depending on the situation. Now, if it was something like “open with strangers but not friends, sweet with animals but I hate people” that is more curious/weird. As it stands you’re just trying to make yourself sound more interesting and it’s not working.

People who assume that a character was created for whatever the popular fanfom is at the time just because they have characteristics of that fandom – Just because I have a vampire character with Amber/Hazel eyes does not mean I got the idea from Twilight, just because I happen to have a mutant character does not mean I created them just because the new X-Men movies came out. It’s possible to have similar ideas and hey, it’s also possible to like something before it fucking becomes popular!

People who think being condescending is the same thing as being truthful – “Just because I am not telling you what you want to hear” is bullshit, if you want to make yourself feel oh so intelligent and self important by putting me down than fine, but don’t expect me to fucking listen to a word you say. I like when people are honest and truthful about what they think, but don’t expect me to be pleasant when you start talking down to me.

People who think that, just because I am meek, they can walk all over me – I may be meek, I may not like to get in someone’s way, I may prefer to let others go before me, but that does not give you the right to not ask my opinion or to just assume I will be fine with whatever you want. I am a nice person, I like letting others go before me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own opinions (strong opinions at that) and that certainly doesn’t mean I can’t bitch at you when you don’t ask for them when needed.

People who complain that most fanfic OC’s are female – Yes, part of that is because a lot more women write fanfic’s than men, but it seems a lot of people have failed to notice that generally 90% of the canon and popular characters are all fucking men!!! If I wanted to read about a male hero I could just pick up ANY random book or movie out there!! We have enough male OC’s from the canon thank you very much, now let the fandom even the playing field.

People who use age as a sign of wisdom – This dislike is only for those people who do this but clearly don’t know what they are talking about. I have had my car for years and know exactly how all its buttons work, yet my father looks at it for two seconds and is suddenly an expert. And, because he’s “lived longer” and “has been driving for X number of years more than me”, he knows what he is talking about and so he must be right. Nope sorry, I was.

People who use the phrase ‘don’t argue with me’ – People, mostly ‘adults’ say this because their not hearing what they want to hear. Seriously, who goes out and actually wants to start arguments with people? (And yes I mean serious arguments, not those assholes who love to bicker with people.) You asked me something and I told you the truth, my perception of the situation… just because you didn’t like what you heard does not mean I am trying to argue with you, it doesn’t mean I am trying to make you angry or upset you either. You’re making yourself upset because you are being stubborn and selfish and refusing to listen to the other side of the story. You want to be called an adult, act like one.

People who complain it’s always Americans who save the world in movies/shows – Well no shit. You’re watching an American made movie dumbass! In a Japanese movie it’s always a Japanese person who saves the world, and likewise with any other movie: it all depends on the country of origin. Stop looking for problems when there aren’t any.

People who complain that all spaceships (or whatever) made for tv/movies look alike – There’s really not much else they can do, it’s a freaking spaceship after all! It’s like saying all hospitals look alike cause they have white walls. Sorry, but something new and grand cannot be created every single time. Life is boring, deal with it.

Private trackers with a ratio – Someone else says it best: “The whole concept of having to build up a buffer to download what you want is anathema to the whole concept of free distribution.” What business of yours is it what I want to download and when? If I want to only seed something with a few seeds rather than one that already has a hundred that’s my business. So is if I want to download through a torrent but share through a file sharing site. Ratios are just more elitist crap, basically they are an excuse for people to be rude to others. I am proud to be on the banned list of those fucking assholes.

People who think just because the show has a gay/black/whatever character on it then said character is the “token gay/black/whatever” – Umm here’s a thought, it’s called a story. It’s called reality. All kinds and colors live in every single walk of life so why not try stepping out of your little hole in the ground every once in a while and taking notice that hey “these people actually do exist normally! Imagine that!!”

People who complain when a franchise makes a new show that isn’t exactly like the old ones – So it’s character-driven and not all action/evil bad guys-driven… too bad. The franchise owners have a right to branch out in whatever direction they want to and do whatever they want to their OWN property. “But we have rights as fans…” Bullshit. Fans have no rights of any kind. Their not making it “for you”, they’re just making it and you happen to like it. “But doing that will alienate their fans…” yeah you maybe, but that doesn’t mean everyone is so stuck on keeping everything the exact same forever. Stop projecting your insecurities about your fandom onto others.

People who mock you with your own short comings – I don’t do it because I am trying to be smart or because I want to make you feel like an idiot. I know it’s wrong and I know it’s annoying; it’s something I do without thinking and I know I need to work on it. However, that doesn’t mean you can mock me by doing the same thing back to me simply because of something you perceive is happening. There is a big difference between trying to be an ass and unintentionally being one.

People who know you’re working on a project and so do a half-assed version of their own just to get it out faster and claim the “glory” – Yes, because doing a piss poor version of valid work is going to get you anything but “hey you missed this”‘s or “umm that part is wrong”‘s. And really? Why even waste your time if 1. you know an actual good copy is coming and 2. you know you’re going to do a shitty job and just get laughed at for it? There is no “glory” in that, just complete stupidity.

NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. November. …someone explain to me why we need a special month to write 50,000 words? Why do we need a special month or day for anything?? Just do it whenever you want! Seriously, do we have to be competing against each other to actually get something done? What does that say about us as a culture? Nothing but bad things that’s what. And besides that, people are in such a hurry to be done that everything is complete and total garbage. Are most going to take the time to rework it? Of course not, “that’s the charm of nanowrimo” they’ll say. Fuck that. I would rather take my time and do something well than rush out some piece of shit and try to say I am a writer… you’re not even close.

People who make fun of others for “paying for pixels” on free sites – We all use free game and community sites (Gaia Online and Facebook are two examples) and yet some assholes feel the need to make fun of those who donate real money to these sites to get “pixels” (items, badges, whatever). I’m sorry, why is this a bad thing? I actually want these sites to actually, umm you know, stay around!!! It might be free for you but it costs them millions of dollars to keep things up and running for your ungrateful ass. “Oh but they have all those damn advertisement banners…” yeah to keep the site fucking running cause your to damn cheap to donate a few of your oh so precious dollars to something you enjoy. “Well people shouldn’t be getting stuff for it…” It’s called a thank you gift. Just like when you go to a wedding and you get a thank you card or you donate to someplace like Knights of Columbus and they give you a piece of candy. It’s called a nice gesture of thanks and the people who donate deserve it. Unlike your sorry ass who just whines about how you can’t get one because your too cheap.

People who complain when someone in a movie dies in a hospital – Since when have hospitals become the gods of life and death? You CAN die in a hospital no matter how little you are injured. In fact, many people die from illnesses they got from going to the hospital in the first place! Oh and by the way… it’s a freaking movie!!

People who say ‘I’d like to see you do better’ – Yes, just because someone doesn’t like an actor’s acting means they must prove they could personally do it better or their opinion is wrong. Where does this idiotic backwards logic come from? Have we run out of actual good arguments that we have to resort to this shit? People can dislike something for a million different reasons, doesn’t mean it has any bearing whatsoever on whether or not they can actually do it. I dislike riding on a motorcycle, doesn’t mean I actually have to learn to drive one in order for my dislike of them to mean something.

People who laugh at the pain and misfortune of others – It is one thing to laugh at a comedian’s jokes about murder and quite another to laugh at someone while they lay dying. I may hate someone and say ‘man, I wish they would get hit by a bus’ but that doesn’t mean I would stand around laughing if they actually did. The kind of person that would, however, is the one I would push under the bus next.

People who say thank you when someone calls them a jerk and they aren’t joking – Why is being a jerk a compliment? Because our current society rewards these people with money, power, and sex. The only think they get from me is… Yep, nothing.

Donation threads on Gaia Online with a minimum donation amount but people get banned if they donate it – You can’t get pissy when someone donates the minimum amount YOU set. It’s called a minimum for a reason and hey, some people can’t donate more. If you don’t like getting such a low amount then RAISE the fucking minimum!!! It just makes you look like a total snot when you say there is a minimum but that people have to donate more or get banned. See how many donations you get with that attitude.

People who say Sailor Moon sucks but like Inuyasha, Fushigi Yuugi, etc – Really… I don’t see how they are any different. Teenage magic and romance that’s about all they are. Sailor Moon was just first, it paved the way for the rest. Give credit were credit is due. I know, I know, Sailor Moon was on when anime was still viewed as a ‘kids’ thing so people see a stigma attached to it, but idiot people believing in stigma’s doesn’t change the fact that Sailor Moon is on the same level, if not higher, than all of the other ‘cooler’ animes out there.

People who pronounce acronyms – This basically only applies to online ones. I mean come on! Why would you need to use LOL in a conversation in real life? Do you honestly think you sound even remotely intelligent while the others around you are actually laughing and you’re going “luls luls!!”. These people need to be smacked… at the very least.

People who think saying something too much devalues the meaning – People who think saying ‘I love you’ or whatever a lot makes it mean less are crazy! Granted, saying it over and over again doesn’t mean you love someone more either, but saying it every day for example will not devalue anything. It might actually prove to these idiots that emotions don’t get weaker simply because someone talks about them. Personally, I think we need to tell those we love that we do a hell of a lot more!

People who write things out by pronunciation and think it’s literate – I have noticed this with a lot of Death Note fans. Idiot people who think because it’s pronounced a certain way by a Japanese voice actor then, well, that just HAS to be how we spell it. His name is LIGHT not RIGHTO. It’s L not LU. Not only have we lost our ability to spell things out but now, apparently, we have lost our ability to understand that something said, in another language, should not affect how we pronounce something in our own.

Anyone, and absolutely everyone, who thinks that anything can be fully original anymore – Sure, a lot of people will have a problem with this one but think about it. Thinking humans have been around for as long as humans have been. The only thing each new generation is doing is improving on a previous idea. In literacy, every single plot can be boiled down to eight universal story lines. I think people are arrogant to believe otherwise, just the same with people who think there isn’t some form of life elsewhere in the universe.

When people say “this movie ripped ‘whatever’ from this movie” – This goes with my ‘nothing is original’ dislike above. ABSOLUTELY everything can be seen as something from somewhere else, especially in the movies. After all, there’s only about a million different movies for every single person alive, and with each passing year that probably doubles. And yet people still think their going to come across some amazingly original piece of movie magic… nope. Every plot, every scene, is just the reimagining of whomever the cast/producer/director/etc happen to be at the time.

People who say fan service like it’s a bad thing – When the third live action Death Note movie came out, it was clearly a fan service meant for the fans of the character L. Yet, because it wasn’t exactly the same as the previous movies and/or exactly the specific story line some wanted, people bitched and bitched. It’s a FAN service, meaning they didn’t have to do it at all but they did solely to make you, the fans, happy. BE FUCKING HAPPY!! In the future I would so not be surprised if they didn’t give you shit. You don’t deserve it.

People who are so caught up in the “Britishness” of Harry Potter that they complain about anything related to it that is not British – Thinking that all British people run around saying ‘mum,’ talking in slang, and drinking tea makes you a stereotypical idiot. It’s the same as thinking all Canadians go around, in flannel, adding ‘a’ to everything. My sister once dated a guy, whose family had recently moved from Britain, for like a year. He never once said mum, it was always MOM (unless he was joking and pulling out his ‘Brit’ card of course, but that’s a different story). Don’t bitch at me, saying I’m wrong, when I’m the one who has REAL experience with British people.

People who pull apart every detail of a movie and say “it couldn’t have happened that way” or “that’s not possible” and so the movie obviously sucks – Firstly, it’s a fucking movie. Secondly, it’s fiction, anything is possible. Thirdly, you’re a fucking ass. Enjoy the damn movie for what it is. So a spaceship can’t do that in real life… it’s a fucking Sci-Fi movie! And, unless you’re a spaceship engineer, I don’t want to listen to any shit you think you know.

People who are so “protective” of anime that they go crazy when something is announced as live action – “OMG live action (insert anime)??!?! No way! They will totally ruin it.” Yes, it will have changes, it’s a different media and all you know. It is not possible, in any way, to do everything on screen that you can on paper. But so what if the storyline or characters are changed a bit? I feel that people show they truly love something if they are able to accept it in all its forms. People who just love the anime/manga and bitch and moan about it being a live action show/movie just show how selfishly exclusive they are… even over the same damn characters and stories! They remind me of preppy rich kids sometimes… same exact sweater, slap a different label on it and it suddenly loses it’s value. Talk about moronic.

People who try to place real life races on anime characters – Oh no, they cast an American to play Goku in the live action Dragon Ball movie! Goku is so obviously Japanese since it’s a Japanese anime! Give me a fucking break. Goku was born on another fucking PLANET!!! How could he possibly American OR Japanese. People do the same thing with Spike from Cowboy Bebop… he was born on MARS!!! Idiots… you’re just proving how fucking LITTLE you know about the anime you’re bitching over. People need to remember that anime is drawn to have universal appeal which is why the characters DON’T all have straight black hair and Asian eyes. Got that? They are deliberately made NOT to look Japanese! Aside from the looks, nationality wise, sure they can be Japanese… but that has nothing to fucking do with their appearance!! So a live action movie based on an anime is perfectly fine casting a white actor who looks the part to play the role of a character who happens to be of Japanese nationality. …oh sorry, was that too much truth and logic for you?

People who dislike a movie because it has “no name” actors – Everyone was a “no name” actor at some point. Everyone wants to be “new and original and be oh so cool” by liking obscure music and such, but they can’t tolerate “no name” actors? WTF? Give them a freaking chance.

Smile like no one is watching – Honestly, really… who the fuck cares who is watching when they smile??? And why should it matter if someone is watching??? Just fucking smile!!!

Practice what you preach – I hear a lot of people say there is a lack of compassion these day… and yet I don’t see them helping at all, even moments after they say it! How hard is it to be compassionate, to at least care? It’s not like someone is asking you for anything, just that you notice and actually feel something for someone else other than your arrogant, “I say I care but I really don’t” self.

People who cause trouble and then totally go crazy when someone asks them to leave – Person A starts a discussion to talk about a movie and Person B says only that “it sucks balls.” Person A asks them kindly to leave and not ruin the actual discussion the others are having, so Person B must (of course) call Person A a Nazi and quote the bill of rights. Seriously… you’re being an irritating dick yet, when someone asks you NICELY to leave, you go postal because “you’re a Nazi and I have a right to say anything I want anywhere I want!!” I love freedom of speech, but have some fucking common sense! You’re being distributive and adding nothing to a conversation of people actually talking in paragraphs. If they ask, in all sincerity, for you to please expand on your thoughts or kindly leave, what the fuck makes you think they are a Nazi??? Besides, all you had to offer was that you thought it sucked… if that’s all you had to say, why the hell are you complaining about free speech? You had your say, now kindly get the fuck out and let the intelligent people finish their discussion.

People who pass you when you go the speed limit – Sorry, not speeding fast enough for you? I love watching these idiots get pulled over, makes my day.

People who listen to obscure bands and then act superior – It’s just so horrible to listen to mainstream bands right? These are the people who stop being a fan once the band gets popular. Talk about being full of shit right there, if you’re a fan you’re a fucking fan. Liking something doesn’t stop when others start liking it too. Aside from that, what makes you so superior simply because when you name off your band likes no one knows who they are? Oh yeah, you’re such a punk (or whatever) listening to the “underground” stuff yeah… no. You’re a fucking idiot who is trying to find the smallest niche possible to define yourself with and once it becomes mainstream… crap, gotta look around for another. Get a life, seriously. This doesn’t make you cool or place you above anyone, rather it places you far below because others don’t need obscure music to define how “whatever” they are.

People who say “you only like the song because they play it on the radio all the time” – Yeah genius, they play it all the time because people fucking like it. There is a system behind it you know? These are people who listen to the band’s obscure songs and then judge the other fans who only know the ones played on the radio. They say you’re not as big of a fan and what not… You’re not fucking great just because you purposely set it up to make them look foolish. The very moment you become condescending, you lose any right you have to be seen as superior.

People who don’t read everything before they ask a question – It says on the menu what comes on the sandwich but they still ask what goes on it… heard of reading? Isn’t that something eyes are for?

People who watch movies made years ago and say they suck because they don’t compare to modern movies – No fucking shit Sherlock! West Side Story is not all decked out in CGI so I guess it just sucks… real critics know what their talking about before they open their mouths, you’re just spouting bullshit.

People who complain they are bored ALL the time but never want to do anything when asked – So you’re bored… when someone suggests going out to do something don’t say no! The point of doing something is to not be bored! All this shows is that 1. you’re a hypocrite and 2. that you just fucking like to complain.

People who do this: “then again I’m not an Honors English student majoring in English so I guess my opinion isn’t as high and mighty.” – Condescending fuckers, you’re just as bad as the people you’re trying to put down. And you’re just as lame in your attempts too.

People who do this: “Emma Roberts admitted that she’s never even read them. How sad is that?” – So Emma has never read the Harry Potter books? What’s the big deal? She doesn’t need to read them to do the part, why is that so fucking sad to you? What gives you the right to judge someone simply because they haven’t done something you have. How sad are you?

People who assume I am not part of the goth “lifestyle” because I don’t “live the lifestyle” – OMG I don’t always wear black! The horror! I don’t go to clubs or listen to industrial all the time either. Big fucking deal! Goth is not about any of that shit and if you believe that then get your so completely non-goth ass away from me. Goth is just WHO you are, not WHAT you wear/listen to/do/etc. Learn that then talk to me.

People who think walking away from someone during an argument is a bad thing – I walk away so I don’t punch you in the face. It’s a good thing.

People who say things like “I figured it out after 15 minutes, I thought it was really obvious.” – Well good for you… now how about you get the high stick out of your ass and come down here to discuss the film with the rest of us oh God of film knowledge? Just because you caught it and someone else didn’t doesn’t mean you get to act all superior. I congratulate you on your observation skills but condemn you on your ability to convey it correctly.

People who think the 28 Days trilogy is about zombies – Their not dead you idiots! It’s an “infection of rage,” your so-called zombies are still very much alive, just mutated. How about you pay closer attention.

People who say “get over it” – I will fucking get over it when I damn well please. I don’t have to work on your schedule.

People who play mean jokes and then laugh at you when you get mad – Sorry, but I will never find telling someone their loved one is dead even remotely funny. And if you do, don’t ever come talk to me because the first think I will do is automatically set my mind to understand everything you say as pure bullshit.

People who say “*blank* isn’t an anime. It was made in the U.S.” or “that’s not an anime, it’s a cartoon” – Oh my little elitist fuckheads. Let’s have a history lesson, shall we? There are two theories as to where the word anime came from, 1. it is a shortening of the word animation and 2. it is derived from the French term for cartoon, “dessin animé”, which translates literally to “animated drawing.” Either way, anime fucking equals animation which means *gasp* anything animated fucking equals anime. Furthermore, Japanese-speakers use both the original and abbreviated forms (anime and animation) interchangeably AND, in Japan, the term anime does not specify an animation’s nation of origin or style; instead, it serves as a blanket term to refer to all forms of animation from around the world. Suck it bitches. “Well, it’s a slang term which refers to only animation from Japan” …duh, only to lame American idiots like yourself, I prefer to stick with the REAL meaning thank you very much. Slang, surprise!, does not change the actual meaning of a word.

People who always have to be right as an attitude but not because they actually are – If you’re not right than I am not going to say that you are. I don’t care if it makes you angry or not. Just because you want to act like a self important know it all doesn’t mean I have to play along.

People who say “why do you always have to be right?” – Umm dumbass, right is right, doesn’t matter who the hell is giving the answer. Their always right because you’re always retarded.

Fans who bitch at other fans for “just now finding out stuff” when “true” fans should already know – True fans care about the fucking music/show/etc and not every tiny detail of the singers/actors/etc life. True fans don’t alienate other fans. Get your arrogant ass off the fucking high horse.

People who don’t read Authors notes/warnings on stories and then ask/say stupid things – We don’t just write them out for our health! Don’t get mad at us for what’s in the story simply because you were too stupid to pay attention.

People who know I don’t drink but still try to get me to – WTF!!! Why is it so hard for people to accept that *gasp* there are people who don’t drink in this world? My favorite is when teenagers ask me how I can possible have fun at parties without drinking… really? How stupid does one have to be before a question like that seems logical? It’s called ‘I’m not a loser who needs a fucking drug that kills to enjoy myself!’

When I say $15+ for delivery so they get $15.01 and want it delivered 10+ miles away – I understand you want food and may be busy at home, but have the fucking courtesy to at least make the drive worth it. We have to run a restaurant here and can’t go all over hell’s half acre to bring you a fucking large pizza and some coke. Get off your ass and come get your small stupid order. And this goes double for people who don’t tip!! You do realize that restaurants keep records of that don’t you? Have fun trying to get food when you’re on their ‘no deliveries’ list!

Immature people who call mature people bitchy for not laughing at their crude jokes – Why the hell do I have to laugh at your fucking poop jokes that weren’t even remotely funny? Why does having a sense of maturity make me bitchy? So I don’t laugh along to your sense of humor, grow the fuck up and realize that not everyone has the exact same sense of humor. Nobody has to laugh at your stupid jokes and when they don’t, that doesn’t give you the right to further open your idiotic mouth.

People who tell others to ‘lighten up’ or ‘get a sense of humor’ when the person doesn’t find something as funny as they did – What the hell? Why do I have to have your sense of humor? Why do I have to find something funny just because you did? There are people out there who think a broken bone is hilarious, but I bet most of you would be like ‘why the hell are you making jokes at a time like this?’ We all want to take pride in our supposed ‘originality’ and yet we complain when someone gets offended or doesn’t laugh when we tell a joke they don’t like? Oh I do so love our hypocritical society.

People who think 666 refers to the devil – History people, learn it! The number refers to the Roman Emperor Nero. People believed he was the Antichrist and that the number was a code for him. Keep in mind though: the Antichrist is NOT the devil, it is simply an “opponent of Christ” and yes there can be more than one! Nero was just a bad person, a corrupt mortal, who was in power and people feared him. So all the little ‘neo-satanists’ out there who yell 666 just get a laugh out of me and every person who actually has intelligence.

People who think Virginia Tech was the worst school massacre in history – The Bath Massacre was close to 100 years ago but it still remains the most gruesome and horrific of them all. 38 elementary school children and 8 adults were killed, many (many) more were maimed, when Andrew Kehoe blew up the school and his truck with explosives. I will give you that Virginia Tech was the worst ‘shooting,’ but it was in no way the worst school massacres in history. If people are going to talk about something at least learn the fucking history!

People who cry ‘Racism’ without looking deeper into the situation – A lot of people were yelling ‘racism’ over the trailer for the movie ‘300’ because it shows a black man being kicked into a very large, and deep, hole by a white man. Never mind that said black man just insulted his wife (the Queen), tried to intimidate the people by waving the skulls of past foes around, and told the white guy (the King) that his people were going to be enslaved no matter what he did. Yeah… I think the black guy deserved to be kicked into that fucking hole. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, right people?

People who get mad when someone says ‘I’m not a racist but…’ followed by some “racist sounding” comment – These are the people who tell the one making the comment that they really are racist and are just trying to cover their ass. …NO!!! They said their not because their not. They made the statement beforehand to try and stop idiots like you from starting the whole “you’re a racist” crusade. They’re just trying to talk about something without getting into the whole race issue aspect of it. By the way, if that is the very first thing that comes to your mind, what does that make you?

Cocacolonization – I hate the idea of globalization. We should NOT all be the same! No one culture, no one language, no one religion, no one nothing!!! We, as human beings, have created so many rich and beautiful cultures and languages, but because one group is selfish we all have to change? FUCK that! I don’t think it should be required that everyone learn English… it should be required that everyone learn MORE than one language! It should be required that everyone experiences another’s culture. I have no problem with culture’s taking from one another, don’t mind the ‘melting pot’ at all, I just hate that some people think it should be ‘one’ specific way.

People who riot – …WHY????!!?! I never understand how people can be so fucking stupid just because things didn’t go their way. I get you’re upset… but you’re still destroying your OWN fucking city!! What the heck is vandalizing something going to do? Get you thrown in jail… and that’s about it. It’s not going to change the facts, you’re not suddenly going to get what you want. And I certainly don’t have any respect whatsoever for people who join in the riot solely so they can get away with doing something illegal (especially if their doing it just because they think it will be “fun”) …these people should be tortured. Yeah, let your anger and frustration out, but at least do it in a manor that’s not going to leave you picking up the pieces the day after you and your idiot friends decided it would be a good idea to break all the windows in the shops down the street. Once again, it’s YOUR OWN FUCKING CITY!! Your the ones who have to live with it afterwards, to the rest of the world you just look like the dumbasses you are.

People who think America is ‘helping’ by invading other people’s cultures – Are you really that naive? America is KILLING off other cultures so that they’re the dominant one. This gives them so many advantages that they do NOT deserve. Just because it’s right for you does NOT make it right for everyone. The people of Paris should slaughter Mickey Mouse. That would be such a great thing. And, if you don’t get that, then make yourself smarter by looking it up.

People who are obsessed with school massacres for the wrong reasons – Lets get one thing straight: school massacres are not “cool” and the killers are not “gods.” If your thoughts are anywhere near that when it comes to these events then don’t even think of talking to me. I am interested in school massacres because they are a tragic loss of life and those lives should be honored (yes, ALL of them, even the shooters). If you want to discuss things that’s fine, but if you come to me with “Eric was so hot and cool cause he showed those kids blah blah” I will go off on you.

People who put video’s in their profiles and then don’t add a description – If I come across a video I like then I want to know who it’s by. It’s such an annoyance to have to leave the person a message simply to ask what/who it is, and even more so when they don’t even know!! Do everyone a favor: if you have a song or video playing in your profile, leave a damn note somewhere so we know who/what it is!

People who want you to give them a deal just cause they asked – If you don’t have the coupon, you’re not getting the deal. Simple right? Apparently not for some. Yeah, you’re ordering from us… great, we like you, but we’re a business and we don’t just give crap away. If you didn’t want to pay the price on the menu then you shouldn’t have come in. Your ‘special price’ is the same as everyone else’s.

People who get mad at the slightest inconvenience – I got yelled at for taking a shower and leaving the towel on the floor, laid out in front of the tub so the next person who took a shower could use it to stand on while drying off. Why the complaining? Because the person yelling stepped on a cold, damp towel. Dear God! Call the police! The discomfort of stepping on it lasts what? 5 seconds? Kindly, get a fucking grip.

Some people who have military or other such discounts – I said SOME! I think it’s great that those in the police, the military, etc get discounts because they risk their lives for us. However, I dislike people who will only buy from you if you offer them a discount because of said service. Those people who come in and the first thing they ask is “do you have a military discount?”… I want to smack them. Decide what you want and then go there, if they don’t have a special discount because you’re just so special then too fucking bad. It’s what you wanted isn’t it? Not like a few extra dollars is going to kill you; plus it saves us from having to deal with you complaining when we say no. Don’t base your whole life around a fucking discount. And for the love of god, don’t fucking lecture me about how we should when I say no. I have no control over that.

People who ask you to talk to someone because they think you can make them feel better – “So and so is in a bad mood, could you talk with them?”… the short answer is NO! If they want to talk to me about it then they will come to me and talk, if they don’t they won’t. Simple. Leave them alone for god’s sake will you! If they want to be in a bad mood let them, it’s a natural part of life! Just because you feel bad that their in a bad mood doesn’t mean you or I can (or sometimes, even should) do anything about it.

Industrial music with no singing – And I do mean singing! Not the whole ‘put a sound bite of someone talking in there and we’re good.’ Without any singing it’s just fucking techno. Granted it’s heavier, but it’s still fucking techno. I have an extreme dislike for so called “bands” who call themselves a band when all they do is make music with no lyrics. This does not make you a band, it makes you a freaking DJ! What’s wrong with being a DJ? As DJ’s these guys are great; as a band they suck. Come on people, stop exaggerating. And, yes, I know the definition of ‘band,’ but you don’t see many people going around saying “such and such is my favorite vocal group” now do you?

People who try and impose on someone else’s life – Don’t like the show, change the station. Don’t like what you’re hearing, don’t pay attention. It’s so amazingly simple and yet certain idiots have to complain to those “in power” and so we get the FCC and such. They can kiss my ass. As I have said before, the world does NOT revolve around your egocentric brain. You’re not god, stop trying to act like it.

Stupid and lazy people who get smoke breaks – Not everyone who takes a smoke break is bad, only those who complain about not being able to smoke and then take a ‘smoke break’ every half hour (those breaks are usually extra long too). Not only do hard working people have to pick up the slack during their numerous breaks, but also during their bitching to the boss about getting a break as well. I say people who get smoke breaks should be made to work twice as hard as those who don’t get smoke breaks. Just because we don’t suck on cancer sticks doesn’t mean we should be doing your half of the work. Pathetic… I hope those things kill you sooner rather than later.

Noise Ordinances – Life comes with a soundtrack. Don’t like the music in your area? Move or work something out with your neighbor, don’t bitch to the government about it. Here’s a thought: get some earplugs; that’s what they were invented for. No one should have to be quiet just because you don’t like it, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Yes, it is polite to turn the noise down at night and all that, but that is a courtesy not a requirement.

People who use the plural of a word when its singular (in normal conversation) – It’s ‘I spy’ not ‘I spies’ or ‘I study Wicca’ not ‘I study Wiccan’. Learn to talk the right way people! You were NOT taught bad English in school. By the way, doing it to be cute only works so much, after that it’s even more annoying.

Indecision – Sure, we have a lot of different things to pick from today, but we also know what we like. Is it that freaking hard to pick between the chicken and the fish? The red shirt or the blue? Come on people, stop wasting so much damn time on a decision that makes absolutely NO difference in the long run. Food is eaten and its gone, clothes are worn and disregarded. Use that time to do something useful with your life!

People who are so caught up in their beliefs they can’t discuss them – You know the people… they go on and on about the things they believe in and then, when someone challenges those belief’s or wants to just have a general discussion about other options, they get so offended and can’t understand how there could be anything different. Your view on something is not the only possible one and just because it is “your” view does not make it right in ANY way! Most things in this world are just a collection of circumstance and there is no right way of doing things. Save the dolphins this way, sure fine, but there is a, b, and c ways we can do it too. Stick to your guns when facing opposition, not help or friendly discussion.

People who can’t accept a compliment – If someone says “that’s a nice shirt, it looks good on you” don’t say “oh this old thing? I only wore it cause my nice clothes were dirty”… can’t we just say thank you anymore?? Sure, getting a compliment can make you feel a bit self-conscious, but don’t make excuses. Be happy that someone is complimenting you and thank them for it!

People who can’t appreciate the good qualities they have – This goes with the one above. If someone says you look pretty, don’t say “you’re just being nice.” We, as a society, have put so much emphasize on beauty and looking (and acting) like the “famous” crowd that we feel insecure about what we already have as “the little people.” If someone says you look good or do something well it means you do in their eyes and that is something to be proud of!

Fat people in denial – If you’re fat… admit it! You’re not “big-boned,” “voluptuous,” or “rubenesque”… you’re fat, you’re overweight, and/or obese! Now, I have nothing against fat people, only people who can’t accept that their fat. I have complete respect for those who do have certain medical problems that make them overweight, that is a legitimate excuse, but if you did it to yourself than I have no respect for you if you can’t just admit that you’re overweight. There is nothing wrong with being fat and enjoying you for you, but if you can’t admit that you ARE fat then you’re not being true to yourself and there for, not enjoying “you” completely. Be fat and happy or change it!

Goth KIDS who think it’s all about death and gloom – Do yourself a favor and learn a little bit about goth history and how it has grown and changed over the years so you don’t look like such a newbie. Here, I’ll help get you started: It began with gothic rock, which came from punk rock, in the late 70’s and became its own movement in the early 80s. This gave rise to the subculture that has changed and become very diverse over the years. There are tons of different musical, fashion, and philosophical styles that fall under the goth subculture. I always laugh so very hard when you little children complain that I’m “not goth” because I like to wear colors and/or seem “too happy.” And don’t try to pull “well I’m goth like it was in the beginning.” No you’re not. If you were, you would be more punk than what we define as goth today. Do some fucking research!!

Social website profiles where every entry is on a new line – Talk about making an annoyingly long freaking profile! Are we incapable of reading sentences now? Every little like, dislike, movie, word, whatever does NOT need its own line. Besides, that’s what scroll boxes are for!!

People who say you can’t be bisexual unless you have dated or had sex with another man/woman – Go screw yourselves. Seriously. You spout all this “it’s about love” stuff and then get mad when people say they would date the same sex but haven’t yet? Ever think that maybe they just haven’t found someone they like yet? It’s about love isn’t it?! Just because they haven’t found someone of the same sex they enjoy enough to keep around does not mean their not bi. It means their not doing it just to show off and get attention!!!

People who think that, in order to be a ‘true’ fan of something, you have to know everything little thing about it – I love a lot of bands, but I don’t feel it’s necessary to know every single detail about their personal lives. Nor do I feel I absolutely have to get an autograph or a picture with them to prove my devotion. Knowing everything about something is not what’s important, the love you have for whatever or whoever is. If you like an actor then go to their movies, if you like a band then go to their shows. Don’t freaking sit at home and brag about all the shit you think you know, most of it is probably internet garbage and gossip anyway.

People on social websites who leave me pointless comments and then asking if I have AIM (or another message service) – Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid people!!! Is it really that hard to see the freaking LIST of my messenger names in the middle of my damn profile! Really… are you people that dumb? If so, don’t talk to me.

People who drive with their brights and/or fog lights on when it’s not needed – Turn the fuckers off you morons!! There is no reason to blind other people and cause an accident just because your eyes are so bad you can’t see without a zillion watt bulb. And, if that is the case, then get the hell off the road as you obviously shouldn’t be driving!

People who think that Dan Brown’s novels (The Da Vinci Code, etc) are fact or try to disprove them – It’s FICTION!!! Dan Brown’s own website states clearly: “The Da Vinci Code is a novel and therefore a work of fiction. While the book’s characters and their actions are obviously not real, the artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals depicted in this novel all exist (for example, Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings, the Gnostic Gospels, Hieros Gamos, etc.). These real elements are interpreted and debated by fictional characters.” And, for those of you who ask about that “accuracy” claim on the first page… all you have to do is think about the Blair Witch and you’ll have your answer. Dan Brown’s website also states: “If you read the “FACT” page, you will see it clearly states that the documents, rituals, organization, artwork, and architecture in the novel all exist. The “FACT” page makes no statement whatsoever about any of the ancient theories discussed by fictional characters. Interpreting those ideas is left to the reader.” Now stop freaking out because you’re so insecure that you can’t handle someone questioning what you believe.

Cops who think it is in their job description to be assholes – There is one cop where I live who, if he pulls you over for any reason, you’re guaranteed to get the maximum ticket he can give you. Even for something as simple as not using your turn signal even if you’re in the turn lane. He does his best to tack on anything he can and clearly abuses his power (I am sure every city has one just like him). A police officers motto is “SERVE and protect” not “They Serve, you protect”. I understand needing to be tough on law breakers, but there is no need to be an ass when people just make a mistake, it happens… it’s called life.

Multi-lane turn lanes – Meaning turn lanes, some with lines and some without, where two cars can pull up next to each other and they both have to turn the same direction. It annoys me to no end when I am sitting there for a long time, waiting to turn, and some jack off in a huge van or something pulls up next to me, but farther out (like into the street almost), and blocks my view. And, of course, this means they get to pull out ahead of anyone who has been waiting longer. This is the same frustration I have with people who know they have to get over yet go all the way down to the very end and expect someone to let them in because they don’t want to wait (and I just adore when no one lets them in because they all know the person is a total jackass!). I don’t mind so much if they have a car or something smaller that I can see through, but it’s just completely inconsiderate. That is why in lanes like this (ones without clear line markers, of course) I pull into the middle so I know it won’t happen. I’ve had people get really mad because they see a spot where they think I could have turned into and I didn’t so they honk their horns at me. Sorry, but I don’t turn out into moving traffic unless I think it’s ok dumbass!

People who use the wrong turn lanes – This is mostly concerning Michigan lefts (one way streets running parallel to each other with turn lanes every so often for each side). The turn lanes are designated to one side or the other by an off lane and a sign on the other side that says don’t turn here. It’s really very clear and self-explanatory. Yet, even so, some people on the other side of the road still turn into the wrong one. Granted, most don’t because they are intelligent and pay attention, but for those who do use the wrong turn lane… your turn lane is like 5 seconds down the road! Use it and stop causing accidents and screwing up traffic just because you’re a fucking stupid idiot who shouldn’t be driving in the first place!

Condescending people – I realize you have low self-esteem and need to build yourself up by putting others down, or perhaps your ego is just to large for your fat head, but what does it accomplish? Seriously, does making someone else feel like an idiot really make you feel all good and self-important inside? Ever think about what that says about you? And I especially hate when teachers do this! People who are supposed to be teaching us new things aren’t supposed to make us feel like crap when we ask a question because we don’t understand it quite yet. “I went over it in class, why weren’t you paying attention?” Sorry, but there are still some stupid and ignorant people left in the world so please be nicer to those who don’t know as much as you think you do.

People who believe that Eve was the first woman – Genesis 1:27 – “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” (this is before describing Eve being made of Adam’s rib Genesis 2:22). Medieval Jewish folklore says that God created Lilith from the earth at the same time and in the same way as Adam. Lilith, however, deserted Adam when he refused to see her as an equal during sexual intercourse: “She said, ‘I will not lie below,’ and he said, ‘I will not lie beneath you, but only on top. For you are fit only to be in the bottom position, while I am to be the superior one.'” (the whole story proves that God and the bible are such a male creation). This is taken from The Alphabet of Ben-Sira which also bears some other interesting, and some rather absurd, facts about Lilith and God: she could fly, God demanded she come back or he would sentence 100 of her children to die each day… seriously wtf “all-loving” God??, angels couldn’t convince her to come back and be subservient so they planned to drown her in the sea… I am really losing the sense that Heavan is a happy, loving place you know?, she was created only to cause sickness to infants (if male she had dominion over him for eight days after his birth, and if female, for twenty days)… again wtf God?, she swore on God that no child would be harmed by her if they bore an angel’s name or form on an amulet (if this is what she was created for then isn’t she going against God’s wishes? Something’s not right about that…), she accepted God’s terms that 100 of her children would die each day. She was created equally and stood up to God, her own creator, to be seen as such. It’s interesting to think that God is the one standing in the way of something like equality. Just more proof it’s all a creation of men.

People who think sex is bad or a sin – I trust you have read the one above this one. It is very clear that Adam, the very first human, initiated the very first sexual act with the very first woman, Lilith. And premarital sex at that! There was no “marriage” between them, ever. You can’t claim that they were “married in the eyes of God” because that leaves the act of marriage completely pointless. Man came out of the mold as a sexual being, God’s “most favored creation”, so shouldn’t we be thinking the opposite? That sex is something God wants us to do? …wait, no. That would cause even more trouble. Perhaps this one is a ‘partly’ good thing.

People who write on bathroom stalls – Like I really care to see “Follow God” or “Don’t follow the norm” or “I like so and so” while I am using the bathroom. I wish I could smack each and every one of these people who not only write on the walls, but RESPOND as well. Idiots…

People who don’t stop/move for ambulances/cops/fire trucks – Someone needs help, get your ass out of the fucking way dipshit.

People who talk about TV shows as if it’s real life – They are actors that are getting paid to say and do whatever happens on the show, it’s not real! Just because the character supports something, doesn’t mean the actor does!

Young female’s (around 20) who think their over weight if they weigh anything under 140 – 130-140 is the average weight for a female of that age, you’re not fat! Fat would be anything over that. Stop listening to those peer pressure tabloid idiots you hang out with!

Gawkers – Gawking means “to stare or gape stupidly” and that’s what gawkers are… stupid! The last thing someone wants when they are in an accident or something is for you to stare at them (and/or insert your opinion). Go the fuck away!!! And for fuck sake, put away your damn cellphones! Let people have a little peace after their tragedy please! This is one of my biggest dislikes ever! Please make it legal to kill these people!!!

Jaywalkers – You see the little white/yellow lines that go across the road to the other side? Walk there! I am sick of people just walking out in front of my car without paying attention, expecting me to stop on a dime and fuck up my brakes because they want to shave a few seconds off their walk time. If I could run them down, I would.

People who don’t read street signs – There is a sign in front of my street that says ‘No Passing on Shoulder.’ So what do they do? Pass on the shoulder! The reason for this sign? So people on my street can get on the fucking road! I love making people mad by pulling up so far that if they try to go around someone who is turning they get stuck and look like a dumbass. Not my fault you never learned to read.

People who associate the menstruation cycle to the moon – Just because they usually run the same length of time does not mean they have anything to do with each other.

People who, when they talk, every other word is a swear word – Really? You can’t form even one real sentence? I realize you’re angry and might have trouble getting the right words out, but swearing over and over only makes you look immature and unintelligent. Please go home and practice your vocabulary.

People who put knives in wash sinks – Are people really that dumb?? Especially working in the food industry, where the sinks are constantly full of dirty, soapy water and you can’t see what’s in there. No one wants to reach into water and have their hand cut open because some idiot wasn’t thinking or paying attention to what they were doing. And I have cut myself more than once because of these people, even after I have told them not to do it! Stop it!

People in suburbs who park in the street when their driveway is empty – This annoys me to no end! Use your fucking driveway, that’s what it’s for!!! Parking in the street obstructs traffic and makes it harder to see down the road or if someone is in the street, which is dumb on their part in its own right. When I am driving down the road I want to drive down the road, not feel like I am on an obstacle course!

People who confuse majority with plurality – Plurality means you get the most votes, majority just means you have over half. Majority is the middle, not the top! So yeah, great, you’re in the majority… that means only a few people have to change their minds before you’re in the minority. Doesn’t sound so great anymore does it?

People who talk about and make assumptions about people they don’t know and/or can’t possibly know – People just love to gossip about the latest celebrity “news” don’t they? …Stop fucking stalking/spying on people through the media!! People should not make assumptions based on what they see on the news, which is the least likely place to find anything truthful.

The terms ‘supposed to (be)’ and ‘should (be)’ – I am supposed to be whatever I want and I should be whatever I want. Who are you to say I should be something or I am supposed to be some way?? I am not your pet sheep!

The term ‘human race’ – You cannot call it the human race and then say different people are of different races. That would make it human races. To be ‘the human race’ there can be no white, black, Spanish, Indian, Jewish, and so on race.

People who do things out of spite – Think before you act. There is nothing worse than being pissed off and doing something you will regret later.

People who think it is human nature to be mean/angry/etc to others – This is simply an excuse to be mean to others for no reason. Stop using human nature as a backdrop for being an asshole.

People who think that if it’s not in the mainstream media than it’s not a big deal or not taken as a big deal – They don’t talk about Hitler in the news anymore, does that mean it’s no big deal? Didn’t think so.

People who are mad at one person and take it out on another – If you’re mad at Person A why be bitchy with Person B? They haven’t done anything wrong and you’re only causing a new problem rather than fixing one… real smart.

People who call the United States of America just ‘America’ – The USA is NOT the full landmass of America! There’s North and South America; and hell, the United States doesn’t even cover the full landmass of the North American continent! If you want to use the word ‘America’ to describe nationality then you have to include everyone: people in Brazil are Americans as they are from South America. You can’t even say ‘North American’ because Canadians live on the North American continent too. Just say US; other people will look at you as less of an ignorant prick.

The social system of the (fantasy) Drow race – It’s matriarchal… yay. Take a closer look; the women (and the society as a whole) are described as evil, cruel, and vengeful. The message here is: ‘well what did you expect? women are evil, how could they possibly lead us in a peaceful and loving society?’ This is a matriarchal societal system created by a man… that explains everything.

Women who yell about female abuse but laugh at male abuse – Talk about a double standard.

The phrase “Anti-Homophobia” – A phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear of something. The correct phrase is “Anti-HETEROSEXISM,” which is discrimination against same-sex sexuality and relationships. Sure, homophobia is bad, but obviously you don’t know how phobias work if you think that’s the right term to use.

People who use words interchangeably that don’t mean the same thing – Homophobia≠Heterosexism, Race≠Ethnicity, Sex≠Gender, Transsexual≠Transgender, Avatar≠Icon, Wiccan≠Pagan≠Witch, etc do NOT mean the same things. Be smart, look up the differences, and use the right word!

People who ask me ‘how is so and so doing?’ – I don’t know, ask them!

Uncreative login names – Can’t you get your mind working long enough to think of something better than “satansapwn” or “vampyrekitten?” I see login’s and social networking profile names with “666,” “blood,” “satan,” “black,” “death,” “necro,” “vampire,” “poison,” yada yada and I just can’t help but feel sorry that your not in the least bit creative.

People who say they are gamers but only play one game or don’t play any at all – Playing just one game, like Call of Duty or WoW, for a year does not make you a gamer. Play some Ultima, Halo, Keen, Mortal Combat, Neverwinter Nights, Mario, Dungeon Siege, Pokemon, King’s Quest, (insert a mass variety of other games) and then you can call yourself a gamer. One game does not a gamer make, it just makes you a player of one game!

People who believe in the word ‘poser’ and use it against EVERYONE! – Just because someone doesn’t follow your definition of something does NOT make them a ‘poser.’ Other people follow their own rules, NOT yours! The only way I will use this word is with the original definition: “a baffling question or problem”.

People who use words whose definitions have changed over time and don’t know what they originally meant – Faggot is a bundle of twigs, sticks, or branches bound together or a bundle of pieces of iron or steel to be welded or hammered into bars which later became a term for a cigarette. Bitch was (and is) a term for a female dog. Put some slang words into dictionary.com and see what you come up with, more often than not, what you think you’re saying is not what you’re really saying. It makes you look really stupid when you’re talking to intelligent people.

People who think social network sites are solely a dating service – To be clear: I am talking about sites like Facebook and not Match.com. It’s called social networking, not social dating idiots. Your profile should be about you, not what you want in a guy/girl. Yes, you can meet people and fall in love on these sites, but that is not their original function. It is a place to meet new people and make friends; which is what should come first in relationships anyway.

People how have hidden music playing in their social network profiles/websites – My gods is it annoying to have to listen to music that you don’t like and can’t turn off, especially if you’re playing your own music at the same time. A small hint: if you want others to spend more than 5 seconds on your page = REMOVE THE FUCKING MUSIC!!

People who use stereotypes or judge people in groups – If all your friends are different in their own ways than so is everyone else!

People who say they don’t believe in labels or stereotypes but then, when saying what they dislikes, go off about “preps” and such – What makes this sadly amusing is that these are also the same people who will claim to dislike hypocrites. Well deary, saying you hate stereotypes and then saying you hate preps makes you a big, fat hypocrite! If you’re going to claim to dislike something, at least follow through.

Social network profiles that are so full of crap they don’t tell you anything about the person – The point of a profile is to tell others about yourself. I don’t care how much you believe a quiz that says you’re a ‘fire fairy’ or a ‘great kisser’ tells us about you… it doesn’t. All it says is that you’re a fucking idiot.

People who hurt their friends – They’re not friends if they hurt you. Period.

People who hurt my friends – You will die. Not literally, of course, but damn near.

People who think they can hurt me when they aren’t even my friends – ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..hahahahahahaha…. that’s all.

When my butt goes numb – o.0 yeah… that’s it.

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