District 8, Lewis, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alley, Martha Mattie C  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P286 Main Tree 
2 Couch, Lula  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P297 Main Tree 
3 Reed, Andrew Marion (Andy)  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P263 Main Tree 
4 Reed, Charles H Herbert  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P293 Main Tree 
5 Reed, Edith E.  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P289 Main Tree 
6 Reed, Eugene Wilson  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P248 Main Tree 
7 Reed, Fred Edward  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P290 Main Tree 
8 Reed, Hattie Louise  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P288 Main Tree 
9 Reed, Herschel  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P252 Main Tree 
10 Reed, Joseph  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P262 Main Tree 
11 Reed, Joseph Tom  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P292 Main Tree 
12 Reed, Nettie  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P291 Main Tree 
13 Reed, Paul R  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P285 Main Tree 
14 Reed, Robert Edward  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P242 Main Tree 
15 Reed, Vernon  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P235 Main Tree 
16 Voorhies, Caroline Leona Carrie  1930District 8, Lewis, Tennessee P243 Main Tree