Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buser, Anna  1 Jan 1815Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P32 Main Tree 
2 Hartmann, Katharine  23 Mar 1793Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P43 Main Tree 
3 Koch, Anna  24 Oct 1846Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P39 Main Tree 
4 Koch, Anna Marie  25 Nov 1843Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P41 Main Tree 
5 Koch, August  2 Feb 1855Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P65 Main Tree 
6 Koch, Barbara  4 Jan 1814Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P52 Main Tree 
7 Koch, Elisabeth  5 Apr 1850Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P38 Main Tree 
8 Koch, Elise  06 Jan 1892Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P92 Main Tree 
9 Koch, Emanuel  11 Aug 1853Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P36 Main Tree 
10 Koch, Emil  15 Sep 1857Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P34 Main Tree 
11 Koch, Emil  16 Feb 1863Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P63 Main Tree 
12 Koch, Emil  24 Sep 1889Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P93 Main Tree 
13 Koch, Emilie  21 Jul 1855Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P35 Main Tree 
14 Koch, Ernst Otto  05 Jun 1899Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P89 Main Tree 
15 Koch, Heinrich  26 Jan 1779Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  P56 Main Tree 
16 Koch, Heinrich  16 Jul 1860Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P64 Main Tree 
17 Koch, Jacob Christof  15 Dec 1848Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P18 Main Tree 
18 Koch, Johan Heinrich  22 Oct 1822Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P49 Main Tree 
19 Koch, Johan Jacob  16 Oct 1816Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P24 Main Tree 
20 Koch, Johan Jakob  Bef 25 Sep 1787Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  P33 Main Tree 
21 Koch, Johannes  Bef 16 Dec 1755 Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  P44 Main Tree 
22 Koch, Johannes  9 Dec 1818Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P51 Main Tree 
23 Koch, Katharina Elisabeth  25 Jan 1829Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P46 Main Tree 
24 Koch, Lina  20 Oct 1894Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P90 Main Tree 
25 Koch, Maria  31 May 1753Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P58 Main Tree 
26 Koch, Maria Louisa  9 Oct 1834Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P45 Main Tree 
27 Koch, Samuel  28 Feb 1826Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P47 Main Tree 
28 Koch, Samuel  16 Jul 1851Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P37 Main Tree 
29 Koch, Verena  2 Nov 1820Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P50 Main Tree 
30 Koch, Wilhelm  2 Dec 1824Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P48 Main Tree 
31 Koch, Wilhelmine  24 Oct 1842Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P42 Main Tree 
32 Koch, William  24 Mar 1893Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P91 Main Tree 
33 Koch, William Urban  25 May 1845Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P40 Main Tree 
34 Muller, Elisabeth  13 Oct 1831Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P67 Main Tree 
35 Recher, Johannes  23 Nov 1783 Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P62 Main Tree 
36 Schäfer, Barbara  Bef 14 Nov 1758Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  P53 Main Tree 
37 Tschopp, Johannes  Bef 3 Mar 1754Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  P59 Main Tree 
38 Zeller, Elisabeth  23 Oct 1822Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P66 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buser, Anna  31 May 1898Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P32 Main Tree 
2 Hartmann, Katharine  4 Oct 1869Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P43 Main Tree 
3 Koch, Elisabeth  2 Mar 1867Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P38 Main Tree 
4 Koch, Emilie  28 Jan 1930Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P35 Main Tree 
5 Koch, Heinrich  3 Apr 1886Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P64 Main Tree 
6 Koch, Johan Heinrich  14 Nov 1882Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P49 Main Tree 
7 Koch, Johan Jacob  14 Mar 1863Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P24 Main Tree 
8 Koch, Johan Jakob  12 Feb 1843Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  P33 Main Tree 
9 Koch, Johannes  14 Dec 1823 Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  P44 Main Tree 
10 Koch, Maria  17 Jul 1807Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  P58 Main Tree 
11 Koch, Verena  27 May 1821Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P50 Main Tree 
12 Koch, Wilhelmine  25 Dec 1893Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P42 Main Tree 
13 Recher, Johannes  29 Dec 1860Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P62 Main Tree 
14 Schäfer, Barbara  14 Oct 1814Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  P53 Main Tree 
15 Zeller, Elisabeth  18 Mar 1909Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland P66 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Koch / Buser  27 Apr 1751Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  F11 Main Tree 
2 Koch / Buser  10 Nov 1841Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland F7 Main Tree 
3 Koch / Hartmann  22 Mar 1813Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland F8 Main Tree 
4 Koch / Martin  2 May 1809Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland F14 Main Tree 
5 Koch / Muller  26 May 1851Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland F16 Main Tree 
6 Koch / Schäfer  1 Dec 1778Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  F10 Main Tree 
7 Koch / Thommen  30 May 1882Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland F22 Main Tree 
8 Koch / Zeller  12 Sep 1859Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland F15 Main Tree 
9 Recher / Hartmann  13 May 1850Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland F53 Main Tree 
10 Recher / Koch  Nov 1849Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland F17 Main Tree 
11 Tschopp / Koch  19 Feb 1782Ziefen, Baselland, Switzerland  F12 Main Tree