6. What TV show do you remember most from your childhood and why?

I can’t remember much of my childhood lol I can remember watching things like Jem and Pirates of Dark Water but I have no idea of when I was actually watching them. I’ll just assume that since there are older shows that I must have been somewhere around childhood πŸ˜› If we went a bit higher to like 13-14 than I could easily answer this question with Sailor Moon. As to why, the first episode I watched had a guy dying and a girl literally crying her heart out over him and I’m sitting there going “this is a kids show??” It just struck me as so weird that they would show something like that on a show meant for (at least in the USA) 7-9 year olds. After that I just had to know what was going on and I have been hooked every since πŸ˜€

But as for shows I watched when I was younger, I don’t really have any memories like that of them. I can remember watching them but that’s about it. I have sense watched many of them again in more recent years and so can remember specific things, but way back when they were just something that was on hehe

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