Product Review: Zevia Cola

I went looking for a soda without sugar and aspartame, but with caffeine (doctor’s orders!) and came across Zevia. Specifically, I was told just no sugar, but aspartame is a headache nightmare to me and, unfortunately, is in basically every ‘no sugar’ soda out there xP Anyways, Zevia is the soda of the “health food world” – vegan, kosher, gluten free, no “caramel coloring”, no calories (a lie), no sugar (another lie)… basically they tried to take out all the “evil stuff” but still have soda. And, basically, they failed miserably on both parts!!

I got the regular (ie with caffeine) “cola” flavor… the best way to describe the taste is like an icky, too sweet energy drink with the aftertaste of bug spray. I finished a whole can (to go thru with my experiment) but had to follow each drink with food cause it was so yucky. Chris took one sip and was like, “eww, no, never again.” As for being carbonated, it goes flat in about 10 seconds and you might as well be drinking flavored water (which I despise). As far as calling this a “soda”, it’s not even remotely close! Continue reading

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One Last SMILE For North Korea (Week 52 – 2015)

Yay, finally my computer is working enough to let me finish this xP Anyways, for this last SMILE, I picked a locale that not many people would think about when it comes to finding new music. But, as a big fan of South Korean pop, I was curious what the other side had to offer. I know most people are quick to write off places like North Korea as evil and call it a day, but there is more to it than sweeping generalizations and vague “well, I heard…”‘s. North Korea might not be first on people’s list of places to find new music, but it shouldn’t be ignored either. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Christmas Makes Everyone SMILE (Week 51 – 2015)

Christmas, traditionally, is a holiday celebrated by Christians as a means to honor their faith. These days, on top of that, Christmas represents family holiday time the world over (oh, and presents hehe). To celebrate how much this one holiday encompasses the entire world, I’m dedicating this second to last SMILE to various songs and carols for Christmas from all over the globe. Enjoy!

The first carol comes from France, it’s called Les Anges dans nos Campagnes (French)(lyrics in previous link). Translated, the title is “Angels in our countryside”, but many church goers will know it better by its English title: “Angels We Have Heard on High”. Continue reading

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A SMILE Near The End (Week 50 – 2015)

Wow wow! 50 SMILEs! Only 2 more until the year is over! I’m surprised I’ve held out this long haha xD Anyways, since it’s nearing the end of the year, the music world is abuzz with all sorts of “best of 2015” lists. Since I very rarely listen to the radio, and am thus out of the loop on most mainstream songs, I decided to take a look at a few. Enjoy!

Tumblr posted their Top 20 Most Reblogged Songs (not sure how they even track that…) and I only recognized 5 (1, 4, 11, 12, 19)… well, 6 if you count knowing about Rihanna‘s Bitch Better Have My Money (lyrics) but never having actually heard the whole song. So, I took the time to listen to it now. While it’s not to my taste, I can definitely see why it became so popular. (Warning: video is NSFW.) Continue reading

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Lackluster SMILE (Week 49 – 2015)

One of my kitties has been sick, so I didn’t really get a chance to look into anything new this week. So, this week’s SMILE is just going to be a relatively quick one with some new songs that I like. Enjoy!

First up is Vixx‘s Chained Up (lyrics). If you have been following my SMILEs, then I really shouldn’t have to explain why this one is here lol Vixx even got a SMILE all their own so 😛 Continue reading

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How Do You Say SMILE In Portuguese? (Week 48 – 2015)

Sorrir ^_^ I wanted to do another language theme this week, cause I think it’s good for people to experience music from different countries/cultures, so I randomly typed ‘Portuguese music’ into YouTube’s search and came across this “Easy Listening Portuguese Music Playlist“. Enjoy!

Sara Tavares‘ Ponto de Luz (lyrics – sorry, no English!) was the first on the playlist, so I naturally clicked it first. Glad I did too, this is a really nice song, very mellow. This is the kind of song you listen to while laying in the grass at the park on a nice day. Continue reading

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A SMILE From India (Week 47 – 2015)

No, I did not forget to do this week’s SMILE; I’ve just been busy. Anyways, for this week, I picked a new location to explore! Well, not entirely new to me, but still new enough that I had fun discovering things. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to experience some songs from India! Enjoy!

Alisha Chinai‘s Lover Boy (lyrics – Sorry, I couldn’t find them in English!) is up first, and this is actually the first Indian song I ever heard. It comes from the sci-fi film Love Story 2050. I don’t remember much about the movie, but this song stuck with me cause it’s a great sensual dance track. (Sorry for the video quality, it’s the best I could find!) Continue reading

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Another random SMILE (Week 46 – 2015)

I’m too lazy at the moment to “properly” pick a theme for this week, so you’re getting more randomness (mostly new releases)! Enjoy!

First up, the song pretty much everyone went crazy for recently: here’s Adele‘s Hello (lyrics). Now, when I say everybody, I mean like over 368,000,000 views on YouTube everybody. For me, there are parts I like and parts I don’t. The ending/last chorus is my favorite part… either way Adele’s vocals are always good ^^ Continue reading

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A Forgotten SMILE (Week 45 – 2015)

So, yesterday was Saturday… and, yes, I did forget to do a SMILE ^^;;; I wasn’t doing anything special either, I just forgot about it. In light of the mishap, for this week’s SMILE, I picked some older rock songs that have ‘forget’ in the title. Enjoy!

First up is Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s How Soon We Forget (lyrics). I actually haven’t heard this song in a long time… *sigh* it’s a good song with a great message. I’m going to add it to my music library right now before I forget! And, remember to count your blessings! Continue reading

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