12. What does “best friend” mean to you and do you have one currently and who was your best friend from childhood?

What does best friend mean… well it just means someone who is there for you, who has been there, and will always be there. Its not really something you can explain, you just know that that person is at that level. You know that everything they do for you, whether you like it or not, is them trying to help. Their the person you go to when you need to hear the truth and yet their the person you can always count on to listen when you rant. :3

Do I have one, of course! My bestest best friend Shell 😀 This is a girl I have only ever had ONE yes ONE fight with and it lasted for about 5 mins before we both turned around and ran back to each other yelling “I’m so sorry!!” hehe Shell is my heart, she is family just the same as my sister, and I love her very much :3

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