16.If you could take one picture out of all that you have to capture your essence, which would it be?

This one is a bit hard because it says “out of ALL that you have” and I really don’t have that many. I am not camera shy or anything really, I just don’t have buckets loads of pictures that I am in. Friends, family… got lots of pictures of them, me not so much 😛

Oh the few I have, I would choose the one with Jonny laying on meh belly :3 He is a man that has given me everything even when he thought he had nothing. But I didn’t pick it simply because I adore the man, I picked it because he is a dear friend and because he is in it. Might sound like the same thing but its not. See, my friends mean absolutely every single thing to me and to be so loved by them in return for what I sometimes think is no reason at all… my essence is their love for me and that’s what I want to show, always 🙂

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