Writer’s Block: How concerned are you about global warming? Is it possible to reverse the climate trend?

I don’t really care all THAT much about global warming. Everyone seems to forget that in the time of the dinosaurs sea levels were so high they split North America in two. I don’t think a couple inches is going to cause the planet any freaking damage. Oh, but the tree huggers do love to complain how we’re “killing” mother earth don’t they?

I like being green; I recycle, I pay attention to what I buy and how much I use, but I hate environmental junkies who think every breath we take is “killing” the planet. Btw, some might notice that what I said above only stated that it would be fine for the planet… what about the people? Fuck the people. Got too many damn people on this planet, let a few die off just like all the other animal species out there. And now, I’m not giving myself any special treatment. Unlike like most of the planet, I’m not afraid of death (afraid of dying only because it will probably hurt 😛 but not death).

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