Pushing Back the Shadows of Years Past

Going to bed has become an inconvenience. I, the lover of sleep and writer of dreams have become a strange twist and started rejecting that which I once loved. Well, not so much rejecting, but at the very least it has become something I do not always look forward too. What is the reason for this curious change? Productivity. In weeks past, I have been a friend of sleep because depression hounded my waking hours, but now blissful completion has replaced it. In the grand scheme of things, nothing I have done is noteworthy in the scene that it fulfills some long held project, but small steps are just as important. I cleaned out a bunch of old, silly -rather useless- posts from my blog and fixed up a few issues I was having with my layout all on my own [I also got my speakers to work with my new video card ha!](Chris will be so proud). In other areas, I have made great strides in organization, inspiration, imagination, and insight.

I recently came across another wonderful blog called Zen Pencils which features amazing quotes accompanied by great artwork. I took some time, read through them all, and was unable to pick one that I could say was my “favorite.” Being a visual person, these comics have helped me understand a few quotes a little bit better and also broadened my horizons on a few more. One that I will bring up here, which caught my attention because I have felt the same recently, is #91 – Advice for beginners. It reminds us that we have to fight through that stage of thinking we’re not good enough in order to make it the other side where we see just how good we are. It tells me that this productivity needs to continue, that I need to fight back everything that may try to hinder me and just push forward until I find my happy medium.


This photo was taken for the Twisted Color Challenge, started by Sookie Triellis. Each week color swatches will be chosen and we’re supposed to use them within Second Life to create a “look.” For week 1, “The Tuxedo”, I chose to start things off with a more artsy look simply because the hair/mask is beautiful and it matched the colors quite nicely.

Shape: Nova by -*delogikal*- – 100L
Skin : **NOYA** VENUS 001 Cleavage Sunkissed Skin no Hair Base – 249L
Eyes: *NOYA* Venus Eyes Mystic Hazel (Tyra) – 99L
Hair/Mask: Alpha & Omega Point – From Crazy Hair Hunt 3 – Old hunt gift
Lashes: **NOYA** FLARED Eye Lashes – BLACK – 99L
Tattoo: (flaunt) Jasmine Dreams Tattoo (Black – Fresh)(Full) – Store closed
Makeup: **NOYA** Black Cat Eyeliners and Lashes – 99L
Wound: Clawed Chest – unknown
Facelight: ::Loa:: Facelight White – Freebie
Pasties: from unknown outfit from May’s Soul
Outfit (corset, undies, stockings): Corset champagne – Old freebie
Pose: PPP 14 December Tree – Old freebie
Location: My home

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