Darker is Sweeter

What is it you say to a lunatic at the carnival
-with cotton candy fingers, sweet as pink-
awash in the darkest shadows
and silver moonbeams?

I find it amusing that I spent days playing around with different themes and graphics for this site and what’s the final result? …I keep the same look, just make it a tad darker. Oh, and I changed up the header a bit too. I’m still not quite happy though, and I’ll probably try and tweak things a bit more, but hopefully I’ll soon realize that my first choice was the right choice. I’ve always liked the rich, deeper tones and the darker side of things; it’s never been fluffy clouds and rainbows with me. Trying to find a new style for this site reminded me of that as I kept coming across background after background of bright colors that just did not suit what I wanted—even if the overall image was one I liked. It reminded me that the real fun is in the shadows of insanity, not the sweet innocence of sunshine.


This image is for the 50 Shades of Sexy Challenge created by Shiloh Selene. It’s a little different from the Twisted Color Challenge in that you’re given prompts rather than specific colors. The point of the challenge is to create sexy images centered around lingerie. Week 1’s theme is “Cotton Candy”.

If you can’t see the sexiness in this then you’re obviously not the kind to enjoy things like House of a 1000 Corpses—yes this is a Baby reference.

Shape: Nova by -*delogikal*- – 100L
Skin: Alice2 Gift – Freebie
Eyes: *Farouche*Carly pink{S} – Old lucky board gift
Hair: Miss C. – Pink_BeachBlonde – Old subscriber gift
Facelight: ANYU Old Movie eyes (midday) mouth – 100L
Outfit: YIPs lune-acy – Part of complete avatar, store closed (You can’t see it very well in this pic but those are dead rats around her neck… I could have highlighted them a bit more but I liked the image the way it is.)
Shoes: {Isis} Advent Calendar Gift #19 – Old advent gift
Candy: Crackberry~ Cotton Candy Pink – Freebie
Pose: Morgane’s shoot – Leesa’s ballet – Old hunt gift
Location: ::[[ Carn’evil ]]::

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