Age Old Question

I talked about online survey’s before and now I want to bring up a specific question that gets passed around a lot. The “which would you choose? love, trust, honor, or friendship?” question. I was asked this recently and remembered that long ago I had been asked the same question and came up with, what was for me, the perfect answer. I picked friendship.

The person I had been talking to at the time was kind of surprised, I guess people don’t often pick that. But then I explained to him that when you have TRUE friendship you also have love, trust, and honor. I pick one, but still get them all. The same works for love too, I suppose, but not everyone views love and friendship as being two parts of a whole.

So, which do you choose?

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  1. Hey guess what? Totally nothing to do with your post or anything but I have a job! 😀 Casual night-fill at a supermarket – but I have a job!

    Your answer seems logical to me, it’s truly the only one which would logically come with all the rest. 🙂

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