49. Write about what reality shows you watch and what you think of them.

I only watch reality shows with meaning. Examples: The OCD Project, True Beauty, Wa$ted, and You’re Cut Off. Each of those has a meaning; be it going green, showing true beauty is on the inside, or that money is not everything. These are the kinds of messages I want everyone to learn and so those are the kinds of shows I watch.

Dancing with the Stars? Survivor? Give me a fucking break and the damn remote so I can change the channel! Both are utterly pathetic and a complete waste of time. I want a show with depth and meaning, not mindless dribble. Sorry, but I actually like to use my brain!

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  1. I like So You Think You Can Dance because I’m into dancing. Though there used to be a show called Strictly Dancing which I loved more mainly because of the host. But dancing with the stars is a joke.

    Also, off topic. I finally finished chapter 8 of my Jayne fic. πŸ˜€

    • novadestin says:

      yeah so I have been busy lol x3 sorry for replying to this so late but with x-mas, my birthday, and planning my sisters wedding things have been crazy (and their not over yet!!)

      Anyhow, of course Dancing with the Stars is a joke, any insanely popular show like that is. The good ones are never popular. American Idol? What winner? Everyone in the top 10 gets a record deal now so what the hell is the point? πŸ˜›

      And yay on finishing a new chapter! I have been working on organizing my thoughts and catching up on my writing lately because that’s all I have time for lol I don’t have enough time to write anything because the moment I start to get into it I get pulled away… oh well it will be better once July passes and all this wedding stuff is done.

      • No problem, I know how stuff can get busy. Yeah, those mainstream reality shows are pretty ridiculous. It’s because they’re not actually about what they say they are, they’re about making money and cheap entertainment. I like beauty and the geek too but that’s about it. True beauty gets on my nerves because they do talk about the importance of inner beauty but I think they still put too much importance on outer beauty and have really stupid and narrow standards of what that is. Oh I watch top model too, but because I’m interested in fashion and photography.
        I had that super busy thing the end of last year and I was always saying how when I went on my summer break I would do nothing but write Rebirth. Then my summer break came and I couldn’t focus on it. I had all this spare time and I couldn’t get into writing. I managed to get that one chapter out but I haven’t touched it since. I have been a bit busy with a summer course in creative writing which I’m doing though, and I’ve had to come up with new characters and a new story for it because I can’t use fan fiction. So that’s been taking up a lot of time lately.
        You sound super busy! I hope you get some good relaxing time when everything’s done. Nice timing that you’ll be done and hopefully relaxing in summer. If you like summer that is.

        • novadestin says:

          well of course they’re still going to put too much emphasis on outer beauty… it’s Hollywood πŸ˜›

          Oh I like summer… summer indoors haha I burn in seconds πŸ˜› And I finally got a break in my schedule so I am trying to catch up on everything, like replying to friend’s messages! xD What kind of new story/characters did you come up with?

        • It’s an modern romance/general fiction thing. Anything more I’d just be repeating myself from this journal entry I posted a little while ago so I’m going to be lazy and link you there.


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