OCR Cancer

Original Character Reviewer Cancer
(Confused? See last statements.) 

In these last few years I have noticed an extreme decline in the quality of OC reviews and the reviewers who give them. So here I proudly proclaim that I am OCR Cancer free!

OCR Stamp

My mind is still open and functional, I have control of my opinions and still retain the ability to be perceptive and sensible. My ears are fully functional for listening and understanding another point of view is still a thought process I have available to me. My fingers are capable of giving thorough con crit reviews and my attention span is still long enough to focus on something for more than 5 minutes.

I am thankful for my health, as are all the authors out there looking for help with their OC’s. I support the OC’s and if you do too, than proclaim yourself OCR Cancer free and stay that way!

Signs that you may have OCR Cancer:
* Thin, brittle reviews that lack substance.
* Massive fatigue that inhibits the typing of more than a paragraph.
* Lazy eye that prevents focus on more than one small portion of a bio.
* Decreased brain function in the use of condescension.
* Constructive criticism deficiency.
* Delusions of Mary Sues and/or cliches at every turn.

Other symptoms may be out there… report them and spread the word!

(…What does all this mean? It means that if someone asks me for a review on their OC I will give them a fair, honest, and objective review based on the merits of their character alone that will not be condescending, judgmental, or lacking in examples and suggestions. Don’t misunderstand, I will point out problems, but I won’t make you feel like a dumbass just because something doesn’t add up quite right. I am here to help you write, not be an ass like those with OCR Cancer and leave you ready to toss the whole story. I love both getting and giving OC reviews and I refuse to give in to these sub par reviews and people. Never settle, seek out a good reviewer and get a good review! Feel free to use the image above to declare yourself free of this unfortunate disease!)

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