10. What’s your favorite website and why?

At this very second it is Ancestry.com as my mom has me working on genealogy stuff. Its fun to find out the names of people in your family tree and even more fun to see pictures and read stories about them. We finally tracked down my mom’s Grandfather, discovered my dad’s family was far deeper into Hockey than we thought, that mom has German on her side too, and a bunch of other stuff. However I can’t really go any farther until mom sits down with me and we start getting all the records in order.

I can’t wait for that day because it means that I will finally have everyone up to about the 1830’s in order. We have although way back to like the 1600’s in varies lines but those aren’t as verified as sat a great grandmother would be. But right now I know that we are mostly German and French on my dad’s side and German, English/Scotish/Irish, and Dutch on my mom’s side. Mom’s side has been in mostly Tennessee since the 1700’s and Dad’s has only been here since his Great Grandfather came over in 1867.

And now I must get back to work organizing all these people hehe 😀

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