Blogger Annoyances

Some people who blog are just nuts, really. I posted some comments on one about how the blogger had skipped a few numbers in the list of locations and images she had posted and she comes back with a huge post ranting about it and how it had pissed her off. Ok, sorry I didn’t read every single fucking word in your huge ass blog, but you should be sorry you weren’t more clear in your posted. Just saying ‘I know somethings are missing’ could mean anything given the topic/amount of things you covered (not to mention that doesn’t explain why some numbers are listed twice!). I was nice in my comments, even thanked her for listing what she had and she goes off on me for a minor thing like that? Nuts.

Honestly some people who blog have a really inflated ego, like their blog and their words hold some great important because they provide some “great” service. Nope, sorry, I could find a post like her’s in a dozen other places. You might have your own blog website and all that but that doesn’t make you special. All she had to say was something like “I already covered this” or something and that would have been that, but 800 words over something so stupidly minor? Again, nuts.

Sorry I “ruined” your day but seriously…

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  1. serapikisu says:

    I know a guy with a great signature that applies here a bit…
    “Don’t reply to the words written between the lines, I didn’t write them’ you did.” lol

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