A Year of Words

Yesterday held lots of Halloween fun at Panera, with most of my weekly writing group showing up as “future best selling authors”. Yesterday also marked a full year since I first started attending said writers group. Back then it wasn’t the same group though, and we’ve been through several ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade this group for any other (writing or otherwise). The people I have met are simply wonderful in so many different ways, and the creativity I have been able to be involved in has helped me get more done in this past year then I have in a long time.

It’s also a special time for me because it has now been a year since I first met Diana. I know, only a year? I can remember it like it was yesterday… I was standing in line, waiting to pickup my order, while she was just about to make hers. It was writerly love at first sight – a writer meeting her critiquer, a publisher meeting her editor. It was all very romantic, in that awkward whose going to move first cause we’re both kind of stuck way. Figuring my food can wait a moment, I walked over and the tale beings. Then I met Mike and a completely new tale began… with zombie dogs đŸ˜€

Lots of other things have happened to me over this past year, but I believe the words of one of our own says it best: “this group keeps me sane.” With the simple decision to go meetup with some fellow writers, I found my sanity… and furthered my insanity, but in a good way. So, thank you to every member of the Grey Wolfe Pack for giving me something to look forward to each week, not so much just for the writing, but because of the friendship and the laughs as well. Have an awesomely spooky Halloween… and then get ready for NaNo! mwhahahah!!

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  1. Mike says:

    Long Live Zombie Dogs!

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