SL Vanity (NSFW)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted pictures… since I’ve posted anything really. Sorry about that! Chronic fatigue, work, and moving tend to take a lot out of you. As a visual person though, I enjoy doing pictures. No matter how hard we try, we’re all a little vain in some way aren’t we?

Why talk about vanity? Aside from the fact that The Sinister Goth is hosting another round of their beloved “Sinners” hunts this month with said theme, I’ve definitely been guilty of it recently in regards to my avatar’s appearance. I felt it was about time for an upgrade and so took the big step of investing in some mesh body parts. It was an unsure and expensive (SL wise) leap of faith, but I am pleased with the results and think my avatar now looks a bit more “real” (people who know SL avies will get what I mean). So, for this post, we’re going to indulge in vanity just a bit because… well, I look good 😉


The lovely and wonderful αмαɭϮнєα Ɗuναι’ησя, owner of PixyStix, has provided many of the goods for this vain shot (see details below). The back tats and the tan skin at the end are her gifts for two of the hunts she’s partaking in this month, the TSG Vanity Hunt and the Evil Bunny Hunt 4 – another grid favorite. More items from PixyStix to add to my already giant collect haha <3

pixy4-1-14The next picture is definitely “not safe for work”, but hey… I’m fabulous xD And, no, this is not how I always look in SL lol usually I have on, you know, clothes 😛 but it does show off my new “parts” quite well. Those would be the Alli mouth from Loud Mouth, the Mirage breasts from Lolas, and the Phat Azz from L. Inc. (oh SL and its product names…). There are still some other mesh bits that I am looking into, like the whole SLink line (which is super expensive, but so worth it), but for now I’m good. My only real “complaint” would be about the bum, which requires the belly and such to be smaller than I would like. I want an avie that is well-rounded and natural; more like me, not barbie 😛 but it’s good enough for now and easy to hide with a sweater or something.

Snapshot_014aSo, here’s to vanity in all it’s glory. Now is certainly a good time to get out and do some hunting to give your avie a new look or style… then again, with all the hunts going on in SL these days, it’s always a good time! Happy hunting everyone, and enjoy your unique and amazing looks!


Love Me:
All Shapes: Nova by -*delogikal*- – 100L
All hair: 17 rust – 75L, part of set
Light skin: ~PixyStix~ ::Hayden:: Garnet 000 HCL No Brow – Part of Group Gift, free to join
Dark skin: ~PixyStix~ ::Hayden:: Garnet 09 HCL No Brow – Part of above
Tan skin: TSGSH #13 from PixyStix
Devil and Angel back tats: TEBH4 #80 Naughty and Nice from PixyStix
Eyes: Dragon Eyez, Amazing Hazel – Violet & Pink & Blue – Store Closed
Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1 – 299L
Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Alli – 789L (comes with normal teeth)
All bums: ** Phat Azz – 1250L
Pose: {Ms. B. Designs} Polyamorous – Old hunt gift
Background: The Dark Knight poster 😛
Location: Premium Sandbox – must have premium account

Shape: Nova by -*delogikal*- – 100L
Skin: ~PixyStix~ ::Hayden:: Garnet 04 HCL No Brow – Part of Group Gift, free to join
Hair: little bones. Black Magic – Group Gift, free to join, grab it quick!
Eyebrows: [MyDear]Eyebrows-Red-Sunkiss – Freebie, part of set
Eyes: TVD NEBULA BROWN – Unknown
Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1 – 299L
Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Alli – 789L (comes with normal teeth)
Breasts: Lolas :::Tango Mirage ::: – 1750L
Pasties: Mad’ – Free Pasties [Lolas Applier] – [Bra] – Old gift
Bum: ** Phat Azz – 1250L
Bars: .:-CatniP-:.Censor Bars – Freebie
Hud: AnyPose Expression HUD v1.0 – Freebie
Pose: Purple Poses – Mila 02 – Part of old hunt gift
Background: KaTink – Free photo studio backdrop – Old gift
Texture: Starry Deep Space Seamless Texture 1 – 99L, part of set
Location: Premium Sandbox – must have premium account

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