Who wants a SMILE (Saturday ‘Music is Life’ Entry)? An Explanation

People like to say that a lot don’t they? “Music is life!” But, what does that mean? For most, it’s referring to the handful of singers that they just can’t get enough of. Others have scoffed at the statement (or, more correctly, at the people who use it ignorantly): “Music is life? But, you can’t play any instruments/sing” or “Music is life? But, you only know one genre/a small group of artists”. While I vehemently support the latter, I also understand where the former is coming from. Music is a very important aspect of life that many people would feel lost without – it can and does change lives everyday, be it through creating music or just listening to it. So, in an effort to “expand the minds” of those around me (as far as music goes), I’ve decided to start a weekly music post featuring the music I discover and enjoy from around the world.

What’s my musical background though? What makes me different from the former? Well, while I cannot play an instrument or sing (at least, not well ^ㅂ^ hehe), I do listen to a WIDE range of musical artists and styles. The music folder on my computer, at the time of posting, features almost 4,000 songs by artists from all over the world – and that’s just the songs I cared enough about to want to listen to over and over (and over >ㅂ<) again, there are tons more that I “like but don’t love”. When I was growing up, my parent’s household was filled with a very diverse range of musical tastes – my mother is fond of country and “oldies” hehe, my father likes rock and metal, and my sister went through many different kinds of music (rap/hip-hop, r&b, techno, and house to name a few). Growing up under these different influences made it easier for me to enjoy lots of styles/artists and gave me the desire to explore further. Having so many bases covered right of the bat, however, didn’t leave me with much to explore as far as the US market was concerned. So, my first adventure into truly unknown territory started when I began to watch anime and get into Asian music around the beginning of my teenage years – my gateway being Sailor Moon (I will punish you!! ^.~). But… that’s where I stalled out. Sorry, but music has never been like some big obsession of mine to the point that I would yell “music is life!!” from the rooftops or anything like that. Music was (and is) a big part of my life, don’t be confused, there just wasn’t any driving force to discover “newness”.

So, what changed? Well, mostly, I’d like to introduce you to our new global master: the interweb!!!! Yep, with things such as online communities and YouTube (that’s a big one), I was able to branch out and explore places and music scenes that weren’t really all that accessible to a Michigan youth before then – it’s not like I could just pick up the Sears catalog and order up the latest Fraui or BIGBANG album, you know? The internet allowed me to branch out from the songs and artists I already knew I liked and discover more from them or new groups entirely. Then, I discovered the Eurovision Song Contest. Already being familiar with the US and Asian markets, this opened up everything in-between. I truly felt like a global music lover than – not caring about the language or the genre, just so long as the music was enjoyable. And, that’s where I am today, someone who really does just enjoy music. It seems like something so simple to say, but I wonder how many people can truly say their musical tastes know no boundaries? Don’t get me wrong though, there are things I don’t like, but that doesn’t mean I’ll, say, ban a genre just because I dislike most of the songs or ban all of an artist’s songs just because I think said artist is a moron -ㅅ-; So long as you allow yourself to continue to explore even if you dislike much of what you hear, it’s all good ^^

Alright, back to the point: a weekly music post? What does that mean? Basically, it’s going to be me talking about music – simple, right? Well, I’m going to try and keep it that way because, in the end, it really should be all about the music. The plan is to use the music charts I already follow via YouTube and make a post each Saturday that showcases some of the various songs featured in them. The artists of these songs can be from anywhere in the world, can speak any language, and the music can be from any genre (most of them are rather pop/rock-esque though, but that’s more because of the charts themselves and what they choose to track). As one would expect, this means “modern” music rather than something like “traditional music from the Ukraine” (but, you never know with Eurovision…). These charts cover music from markets all over the world and each ranks differently; for example, one song might be #7 on one chart, but only #20 on another or not even featured. I feel this gives me a good range of sources to pick from in both discovering and sharing new music. The charts I use, as of this posting, are listed below, but I am always looking for more to add and I encourage everyone to check out the charts as a whole since I will not be featuring every song from every chart (I’ll probably be doing 2-3 songs a week, plus 1 or 2 from the past since they can still be ‘new’ to some).

A few quick notes to wrap everything up:
1. These charts do not update all at once, nor are they all up to date all the time, so I will only be dealing with whatever is current at the time of posting.
2. I reserve the right to include songs that are not featured on any of the charts if I discover them in another way – like if people make suggestions *hinthint*.
3. I also reserve the right to go crazy (ie. to do whatever I want cause it’s my blog darn it!)

So, sit back and enjoy a musical trip around the world ^^ Starting Jan. 3rd 2015!

Hit’s Chart
Jagers7 Countdown
JKtKJ Charts
Top 100 World Singles Chart
Top Charts

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