SMILE Every Day (Week 25 – 2015)

Before last week’s SMILE, I asked Chris to give me a topic. He said ‘war and peace”, but because we were driving and it was loud, I misheard and thought he said ‘warranties’. This, of course, lead to a great deal of laughter and quite an amusing conversation. Obviously, we ended up with a different topic for last week’s SMILE, but I still found the idea funny and actually already had a similar idea in the works. So, this week is all about everyday life. Enjoy!

LunchMoney Lewis‘ Bills (lyrics) gets us started with a humorous take on something we all despise. Bills are a hard fact of life, but at least this song can make them somewhat enjoyable… maybe.

Jon Lajoie‘s Everyday Normal Guy (lyrics) is about as close to everyday normal life as you can get, sometimes uncomfortably close. Even the MV is “average” hehe ^^

When it comes to everyday life, one thing you can’t really escape is people. For that, here’s Sly & the Family Stone‘s Everyday People (lyrics). Everyone we meet is living their own life, and we should be accepting of that.

Sometimes being accepting is hard though, and we need a reminder that life for others isn’t the same as it is for us. Everlast‘s What it’s Like (lyrics) fits that situation well. Everyday life can be hard and tiring, but we all have to live it, so lets remember to be kind.

What songs remind you of everyday life? Leave them in a comment below, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs!

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