A Quick SMILE (Week 34 – 2015)

I spent most of the day out with people and am now very sleepy. So!!! This will just be a quickie music post with a few of my newest favorite songs cause I want to got to bed ^^;; Enjoy!

First up is Vixx‘s first sub-unit, here’s VIXX LR‘s Beautiful Liar (lyrics)(Korean). It’s no secret that I adore Vixx, so yeah, I adore this song too. It really is beautifully tragic just as the title implies. The MV is also amazing well done, with lots of contrasting imagery.

JJCC‘s Where You At (lyrics)(Korean) was just released a couple days ago, and I can’t get it out of my head. The song is essentially about being lied to by the one you love, which isn’t something that should make you all dance happy, but I can’t help it!

Next up is Stellar‘s Vibrato (lyrics)(Korean), whom I adore because they don’t hide their sexiness behind cutesy metaphors and such like other girl groups. This song is about giving your first time to the one you love and the song, musicality wise, is astoundingly good!

Awe5ome Baby‘s Why Should I (lyrics)(Korean) is a beatpella group (beatbox+a cappella), the first of it’s kind (at least in Korean, as far as I know). I discovered this group’s covers a little before they debuted with this song, which was about two months ago. I can’t wait for more from them!

Last for this week is another sub-uint, this time from Big Bang: GD&TOP‘s Zutter (lyrics)(Korean). This song is insanely catchy, but the music video isn’t for everyone (it’s pretty weird – a usual occurrence for them lol). But, aside from these two being from one of Korea’s top groups, they’re also two of Korea’s top rappers, so definitely worth checking out!

What are some of your current favorites? Let me know in a comment below, and be sure to include any suggestion you may have for future SMILEs!

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