A Delayed SMILE… for the Fans (Week 37 – 2015)

Sorry, for the delay everyone! So, what’s this week’s topic? Fans. Why? Because I started the day talking about the psycho fans in KPop known as sasaengs (trust me, avoid them at all costs!). But, not all fans are bad. They come in a vast array of colors just like everything else. So, this week I thought I would look at how artists and groups use their relationships with fans in their music. Enjoy!

Linkin Park‘s Breaking the Habit (lyrics) is up first. While the song’s lyrics might not make you think about fans, instead dealing with someone who has the tendency to do things that hurt him/herself physically and mentally, the intent of the song was to showcase how the group and the fans have helped each other. Mike Shinoda has said that the inspiration for the song came from the many fans who told the group how their music had helped them with things like depression, drugs, and trauma. The music video was fully animated and became very popular, winning the group the 2004 MTV VMA Viewer’s Choice Award.

Eminem‘s Stan ft. Dido (lyrics) is a well-known song about an obsessive fan. These are the kinds of fans that no celeb wants but that every celeb will have. Dido’s Thank You was sampled for this without her knowledge; she’s said she received a letter containing the song out of the blue that said, “Hope you don’t mind and hope you like it.” Thankfully, she loved it. In the music video, Dido took the role of Stan’s wife while he was portrayed by Devon Sawa (who is, coincidentally, a big fan of Eminem).

Dolly Parton‘s Jolene (lyrics) is about one specific fan, but when you hear the backstory it makes the song itself pretty… creepy. The story goes that she met a pretty young fan named Jolene and loved how her name sounded when she repeated it. But, the song is about a woman asking for Jolene not to take her man just because she’s beautiful. While it’s a sweet idea, it just seems weird when you know she’s singing about a 10 year-old :/


Next up is Rammstein‘s Ich Will (German)(lyrics). This song is the band’s plea to the audience to be heard. They’re asking their fans to see, understand, and trust them. The music video showcases a darker side of “celebrity”, that given to criminals or “the bad boy”.

Last, but not least, is Queen‘s We are the Champions (lyrics). When asked about the song, Freddie Mercury said, “I was thinking about football when I wrote it. I wanted a participation song, something that the fans could latch on to.” And, that’s exactly what we got ^^

Are there any songs you know that are about or were written for fans? Let me know in a comment below, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs!

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