KPop Overview: CLC

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YouTubers: Sorn, Seungyeon

Highlight Medleys
First LovePepe: Album Details
QuestionLike : Album Details
RefreshHigh Heels: Album Details
High Heels (JP)High Heels (JP): Album Details
Nu.ClearNo Oh Oh : Album Details
Chamisma (JP)Chamisma : Album Details
CrystyleHobgoblin: Album Details
Free’smWhere Are You: Album Details
Black DressBlack Dress: Album Details
No.1No: Album Details
SingleMe (美)

My Thoughts: Their songs are good, just not usually my taste/style or they don’t catch my attention. I like Seunghee’s voice best and also enjoy watching Sorn’s YouTube videos about cultural topics. Random side note: CLC, for the love of everything, stop naming your b-sides: “like”, “like it”, “I like it”, etc. It’s so hard to keep them straight lol

Songs I like: Title: No Oh Oh, Hobgoblin, Me (美) (minus the headache inducing horn in the chorus!) // B-side: Lucky, Meow Meow, I Like It, Like It // OSTs: Seunghee, Yeeun – Really Bad Guy (국민 여러분! OST Part 3)

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