Christian Love and Original Hunt Ideas

There are two very unique hunts starting up in SL this week:

The Penitent Hunt (cost: 1L$)
February 22nd – April 2nd
Starting Location –
Hunt Blog

Tie The Knot Hunt
February 24th – March 24th
Starting Location –
Hunt Blog

One is a Christian theme and the other is a wedding theme, both I have never run into before and I do a TON of hunts. Together they make a wonderful combination for anyone who seeks to add some religion and style to their upcoming ceremonies. The hunt blog for the Penitent hunt features many pictures of the items (which is great considering it’s a pay hunt!) and, looking over the store list for the Tie The Knot hunt, I can see a lot of great stores so I am sure there will be plenty of wonderful items there two!

I am not Christian, nor am I getting married in SL anytime soon, but I will most certainly be looking into these two hunts regardless. It’s so nice to see some hunts that aren’t just your basic, generic “here’s some random clothes and skins from some stores because we thought a hunt would be fun” boredom. Even something as fun and original as the Steam hunt gets boring when it hits Steam5, Steam6, etc (yeah it can be Steampunk, but give a them to each one like “mirrors” or “tea” or something you know?). I like seeing hunts that can be broad and still be original, like the Seasonal Palette hunts which gives the designers a different color palette to work with each time.

Yes I know I am a believer in the “nothing new under the sun” philosophy, but people need to realize that that does not mean you can’t create something that is fun and different from all the other stuff that is going around at that moment. Just because you had a hunt with the theme of “flowers” before doesn’t mean you can’t have another but make it just a bit different like a “only flowers that are from a certain region” or something. More unique hunts like that would certainly be more fun… and they would certainly help us hunt addicts by reducing the number of clothes we have that are pretty much the same 😛 Blarg I need to clean out my inventory xD hehe

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