Tell Them You Love Them…

I was reminded today just how much I love someone who I haven’t seen in a long time and it got me thinking about all the people who have impacted my life. Not just in a specific way, but the people who you literally cannot imagine life without having known them. Doesn’t matter when you saw them last or how often you chat, they are still extremely important to you.

Tell those people you love them. Right now. Tell them what they mean to you and why. Not because “you might not get another chance”, but because they deserve to know. They should know that every time you think of them you tear up in happiness. They should know that they make you a better person. They should know that nothing can change what they mean to you.

Far too often we forget to speak up about how we feel and just assume “well they know I love them.” Remind them, and continue to remind them. Saying something doesn’t “lessen its meaning”, it only reaffirms it and it can mean everything to the person you say it too.

Chris, Jon, Shell, Matty, Heath, Katie, Josh, Allison, Sora, Mandee, my family…. you ARE everything to me. My world. I love you eternally.

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