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*These pictures aren’t my usual classy ones because my graphics card busted and I am using an inferior one at the moment so please forgive hehe xD (Larger images in my photos)*


“Ye know, much pleasure as I get out’a watchin’ ya dance, part a me would rather be at a tavern lookin’ fer a girl ta mess ’round wit,” Asherion said, sitting lazily on a pillow in front of his close friend as she practicing her dance moves. He could see the sweat running down her stomach but, as engaging as that was, she was too dear a friend to imagine doing anything like what he had in mind.

“Oh Ash, but if I don’t teach you the moves, how will you ever impress the ladies?” joked Sedia as she swung her hips in another wide circle, the fringe of her belt flying widely around her. She really didn’t need to practice her dancing, but there wasn’t much else to do on this quiet afternoon.

Asherion laughed loudly, his face coming to rest in a smirk. “I’m good in da kitchen already, I don’ need ta be good at dancin’. ‘Sides, that’s what women like you ‘re fer.”

“Women like me?” Sedia paused from dancing and lifted herself back up to stare at him. She wondered if her friend was going to keep digging himself a hole or get out before it was too late.

“Ya know what I mean, ya’ll dancer types. Yer there to entertain us less ‘dan gentlemanly folk.”

Ash was grinning, but Sedia could tell he wasn’t looking at her. Rather, his thoughts were off on some random ‘dancer type.’ “Well Ash, I suppose you’re right,” she said sweetly. “Besides, I doubt you would look as good in this outfit as I do.”

Asherion’s attention quickly snapped back to his friend and he almost fell off the dock with laughter.

“So do you have any new stories to tell me Ash? Been on any grand adventures lately?” Sedia prodded as they settled next to the newly-lit fire. He had just returned from one of his many treasure hunting adventures and Sedia was always curious to hear about his travels.

“Not’ting a respectable lady like yerself would want ta hear ’bout,” Ash joked and Sedia turned around to make a face at him. He just smiled that same silly smile that told Sedia everything was alright.

“You know I’m not the perfect woman you make me out to be right?”

“Course, but in my mind ye ‘re. So, any man tries ta get close ta ya who ain’t da same gonna run in’ta some trouble.” He had known Sedia his entire life and, knowing how much she had been hurt in the past, wasn’t about to let anyone so much as make her frown.

Sedia laughed, “Asherion, my ever faithful watchdog.”

“Just don’ ever ask me ta bark.”

Sedia grinned and shook her head before turning back to the fire, secure in the knowledge that Asherion would always be right there behind her whenever she needed him.


It’s no secret to anyone who knows me in Second Life that I very rarely spend any money there. Yes, I do have a substantially large inventory lol, but 90% of that is from hunting and other freebies. For me to actually spend money, it has to be something really special. And, while shopping at the Bilo booth at the Cinema event, I found just that. The Anarkali Kameez outfit (2nd pic) won me over rather quickly actually, especially since I have found it rather hard to find quality clothes in this style. Far to often this look comes out much more western than I would like (ie. ‘sex’-ified, with a little tube top and low rising skirt for example). Bilo has been able to capture the essence of the look as well as create something of quality and for that I offer much praise. I spent 2,315L there which is CRAZY when usually I won’t spend more than 10L on anything. The only other stores where I have ever spent that kind of money are Noya (a top of the line skin store at super great prices) and Anyu (the place to go if you want quality belly dancer outfits that aren’t just generic bunk).

Anyways, to show my love for these three stores and to show off my wonderful new look, I decided to do a couple of pictures! This is the look that suits me and I can’t wait to see what new fashions these three brands come out with next. I, for one, have become a loyal shopper!

Sedia 1st pic:
*JeSyLiLO*:::Gypsy:::*TatoFace*J2 (Eyeliner ONLY) – 30L
.ID. April Gift / Gem Eyes in Sunset – old gift
**NOYA** BRENDA skin – 195L (comes with shape and other things too!)
{T&T} Diamonds eyelashes/bling – 2L
CSBA full body MEHNDI 4 – faded henna – 300L
Yak & Yeti * Henna Tattoo 2 – store is gone but watch their blog, maybe they’ll be back 😛
+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Blessed Face Tattoo – FREE (part of awesome welcome gift!)
@->~ InSpired Designs Chained Ear/Nose Piercing ~ Turquoise – 25 to 200L (for set), this color was an old hunt gift but they sell others
@->~ InSpired Designs Nose Stud Piercing ~ Turquoise
ANYU Belly Dance Tribal Style Full Costume outfit (includes most of outfit AND headdress!) – 450L
ANYU Belly Dance Tribal Style Banjara Kuchi Gypsy (top only) – 450L (for outfit)
-*delogikal*- Nova Shape (6’0″) – 100L
[croire] navajo feather extension (teal) – old hunt gift
*IW* Stela Gown in Black Gloves – part of old gift
*Alice Project* Steph [S] – 250L, part of Zodiac event

Sedia 2nd pic:
*JeSyLiLO*:::Gypsy:::*TatoFace*J2 (Eyeliner ONLY)
.ID. April Gift / Gem Eyes in Sunset
[Rev] Blueish Tint Facelight (intense) – part of old hunt gift
**NOYA** BRENDA skin
{T&T} Diamonds eyelashes/bling
CSBA full body MEHNDI 4 – faded henna
Yak & Yeti * Henna Tattoo 2
+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Blessed Face Tattoo
@->~ InSpired Designs Chained Ear/Nose Piercing ~ Turquoise
@->~ InSpired Designs Nose Stud Piercing ~ Turquoise
{*I <3FashiOn*} – Necklace – Key whit Feather -Bronze  – old gift
~MC~Flash Aquamarine Collar Piercing – old hunt gift
-*delogikal*- Nova Shape (6’0″)
ANYU Belly Dance Tribal Style kuchi tiara headdress and earring set
[croire] navajo feather extension (teal)
Satoko’s turquoise bracelets – Lucky board
Bilo- Anarkali Kameez S(Red) – 295L
Bilo- Chooridar (Red) – 150L
Bilo- Dupatta S(Seafoam) – 170L
*Alice Project* Steph [S]

Ash (both pics):
+ 8 DESIGNE + DARK (4)  beard – 1,600L (for set)
*BIRTH* NxCS2 Renju ke Male Hair – Moonlight – 250L (for Blacks set)
**NOYA* design ** MARCUS Shape – 99L (comes with Brad set!)
<MARIKO> cafe coffe eyes_02 (S) – old hunt gift, store closed
Jaryth’s Barber Shop: Chin Beard II -Dark Brown – old hunt gift
Jaryth’s Barber Shop: Skinny Stache and Flavour Saver – Brown – old hunt gift
Nails Formanails – Form Men Size 45 – Design Punk – 850L
TinK – FWH Star Tattoo Gift – old hunt gift, store closed
+radicalism+ “CROSS EYE 2 ” (head) – old hunt gift, store closed
A:S:S – Raven makeup – old hunt gift
*A BirdSong* Dream Time 3 – old hunt gift, store closed
..::Beauty Killer::.. Horn Piercing – Black – part of old hunt gift
: Amorous : You Bracelets – FREE
:*:CPD:*: Unisex Celtic Cross Necklace – 50L
::AlterEgo:: Gloves – part of old hunt gift
[AdN] BANNED MAN Hand warmers and Leg Dagger – 99L
[AdN] LIMITS SHIRT – old MM prize
[IHS] His Leather Boots Black – FREE
Arabian Arm0r – No idea xD
PA Designe Breast Belt Daggers Spikes – old hunt gift, store closed
*May’s Soul* groumet black (belt, pants, and socks only)* – 295L
ear horn plug coop cross – no idea, was part of an old hunt gift
Finger Armor Eye of the Black Witch – no idea, was an old hunt gift
* ::.::.>GOTHIC.DOCC* ::.::.> CINTURON CAFES ..BT – 450L (part of outfit)
Air Corsair – old hunt gift, female version for 600L
RookHold Men’s Gift – old gift

*Yes, Ash is wearing girly pants! I love to tease him about it x3

Location: Shambhala Sanctuary@ Gaia Rising

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