Writer’s Block: Do you remember your dreams? Do you analyze and/or record them? Are there any recurring themes?

Yes I usually slowly wake up while dreaming so I remember a lot of my dreams. I don’t usually “analyze” them in the way some might be thinking, like I don’t try to interpret how they relate to my life or anything like that. I do record them though and that is because I very often turn them into story ideas. Dreams are great for giving you new plots!

Recurring themes? What do you mean by themes? Like do I often dream I am falling or something? I don’t have recurring themes, what I have is recurring dreams… as in the same dream multiple times over the course of my life. No rhyme or reason as to why or when the dreams will happen, could be the next night, the next week, or several years down the road. One deals with an old house that is also somehow still new and in the process of being built. Its sort of a scary dream but sort of not because I am not really scared of the house and its surroundings anymore, but it still has this eerie feel to it. It has a lot of levels and rooms that can only be gotten to by crawling around, sometimes within walls, and while the house in the dream is still pretty much the same, what’s inside the rooms is usually different.

Most of my recurring dreams are like that, where the overall location will be the same but then whats in the rooms or something will be different. However there is one where its the opposite. Where its just like a snippet of a dream that inserts itself into other dreams out of nowhere. I have honestly just turned around in a dream and suddenly I was in the little snippet dream and then turned again and I was out. It’s kind of weird. Anyway, the snippet dream consists of me standing on a little square of grass, which has an old lamppost on it, in the middle of this big body of water. Off in the distance I can see a nicely groomed forest/clearing that has a tiny white picket fence (but I know the fence would not get any bigger no matter how close I got to it). The thing that makes it so interesting is the the water around me is literally completely filled with snakes, almost to the point that there isn’t enough water to cover them. Most of the time they don’t come up on either shore but sometimes they do and I start climbing the lamppost to get away. I am never there a really long time though, like I said its just a snippet, so I am never really afraid. Yet even if I was there a long while I don’t think I would be as I always get the impression that that is sort of like a save haven or something… I don’t know xD it’s a dream, it could mean a billion things or nothing at all 😛

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2 Responses to Writer’s Block: Do you remember your dreams? Do you analyze and/or record them? Are there any recurring themes?

  1. You base stories on your dreams too? That’s how I started writing! I get the re-occurring locations but different content dreams too. In fact one of mine was about a creepy house that was just scary for vague reasons, no concrete scary things actually happened.
    How do you record your dreams? In an LJ or written down? I used to have a notepad by my bed. 😛

    • novadestin says:

      Usually I just write things down when I wake up. Generally I wake up to dreaming so I realize I am dreaming and start affecting things and making notes in my head so when I finally do get up and then sit down to write everything down it comes out as somewhat of a complete plot idea and then I just save it to my “ideas” folder 🙂 Dreams are a wonderful source of inspiration :3 yepyep!

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