Writer’s Block: Has technology and the Internet given you more or less free time? If your phone could make video calls, would you use that feature?

All the things we look at as so “convenient” today have actually destroyed all of our spare time. Come on people they have proven it time and time again, study after study, and yet we still call this shit convenient?? We end up wasting so much time and then we complain about it yet it’s our own damn fault.

I have recently been trying my hardest to twiddle down everything I have going on in my life to just the stuff I really care about. I, at least, admit to myself that stuff has taken over my life; can you say the same? I have to remind myself everyday when I see some new book or movie or show I haven’t heard about before that I have to be thoughtful in my choices and can’t just do things as much as I want because eventually it will catch up to me and I will be in way, way, way over my head yet again.

As for video phones, hell no! I already have a webcam I don’t use and it’s not because I would have to “look pretty” all the time. It’s just freaking pointless. Phones are for making PHONE CALLS!!!!

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