Writer’s Block: If you could become one person (alive, dead, or fictional) for one month, who and why?

Perhaps I have a far too inquisitive mind but I don’t get this. How exactly would you “become” someone else? The moment your own consciousness takes over, no matter what “body” you’re in, you’re you. I suppose it would work if you’re a silent observer, hiding out in the back of the person’s brain, hearing and seeing and what not everything they do. But if that’s the case, you don’t really “become” that person do you?

Yes, I am being overly technical haha xD I suppose I should answer the question in the whimsical way it is meant to be: I would be… I really don’t want to be anyone else x3 I have enough trouble in my own life, I don’t need to be traipsing around in someone else’s body and causing trouble for two people! I don’t care about seeing how “the other side lives”; I am a writer who loves research, I can find out for myself in my own body easily.

To bend the rules a bit though, it would be fun to be a cat for a month. Now there’s a thought, why do we have to pick a human? I think it would be much more educational, helpful on a global scale, etc if everyone got to experience life as some sort of animal or plant or something and then could come back and write everything down. Now that would be awesome!

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