Severus or James? An HP Rant

Someone asked me this and seemed genuinely surprised when I picked Severus (and then proceed to say that I was probably only picking him because he was the ‘cool’ choice for fangirls or something like that). Umm… let me spell this out for you dear, sweet Marauders fangirls… I picked Severus because I WOULD pick Severus over James any day of the week.

A lot of Marauders fangirls follow the misconception about James and the other Marauders being the ‘good’ guys because they fought against Voldemort… sorry no.ย  Peter, well he was a lowlife, we all know that. Remus was a pretty good guy… later in life. When in school, he was the guy who just let his buddies get away with pretty much anything, no matter how cruel. That, to me, is the worst kind of person. James and Sirius? They were selfish bullying jerks. In school they were the equivalent of the rich, jock assholes we all hated and knew were guilty but still got away with it every single time. James picked on other kids for sport (not just Severus!!) and Sirius… now there is a jerk twice as big as James. James at least had enough sense to stop at humiliation; another thing people seem to forget: Sirius TRIED TO KILL Severus!!!! “Oh not really…” don’t give me that bullshit, he sent Severus down to see Remus as a werewolf knowing FULL WELL what could happen and he fucking laughed about it! Yeah, that’s the kind of guy I want to pick, sure… Sirius, in my opinion, never changed and remained the arrogant asshole he was in school. His actions later in life prove it, what a great role model for Harry *gags.* We know James grew up, in some sense (it is unknown how much, but I really don’t think he changed much at all), because Lily finally went out with him.

Ah Lily. The “innocent” girl in the middle of it all. Innocent my ass. Lily started out as a very close very of Severus’… then they went to school and she won the popularity contest. I think we all know how the story goes on from there. She gave into the peer pressure and withdrew from Severus over the years and eventually turned her back on him completely. And no, I don’t think him calling her a mudblood was the only thing that drove her away, frankly I think she used it as an excuse to finally break ties. She had probably been being less and less of a friend for years and then she gets all self-righteous on him when ‘he’ turned on ‘her’? Give me a fucking break. She actually made friends with the guys who were bullying her supposed close friend! I’m sorry, but aren’t friends supposed to stand up for one another? Honestly, I wonder if she ever “supported” his bullying behind his back just to fit in, I really would not put it past her.

Getting back to Severus, I am sure people are reading this and saying “well Severus was a bad guy blah blah…” These are the people who have obviously never been in that kind of situation before. I have. And despite what we all try to tell ourselves, bulling and humiliation can push us in ways we couldn’t even imagine on the worst of days. I am not saying Severus’ actions are justified just because he was bullied, I would never use that approach, however the Marauders did play a huge rule in how things turned out for him and how he acted later in life. They created much of what Severus became and so they are extremely culpable. I think that is something only people who have been through it can understand, everyone else just seems to be all “oh, walk it off” and all that other bullshit.

So yeah, I would pick Severus (and not really because of all that either). Yes, he did some very bad things in his life – and turned out to be a GREAT guy in the end!!! – the Marauders are all the type of guys every woman should STAY AWAY FROM. Some fangirls need to open their damn eyes and look closer at their idols. Daydream all you like, but at least understand the facts before you go in and start changing them to fit your fantasies. Severus at least tried to make up for his actions the best he could (Remus did the same). Peter, no way. James, we’ll never truly know but somehow I think he only changed a tiny bit. Sirius, remained a jerk till his death.

I have read a lot of posts were people try to justify the Marauders actions with “they were immature teens,” which is true, however, those posts are usually followed by something like this gem “James was brave, he died to protect his family. People can overlook all those chapters that Snape was a jerk but not the one chapter were James was?”ย  1. That 1 chapter shows that James was a bully to multiple people and sets up the background the explain why Severus was a jerk in all the previous chapters, so yes I can hate on James when he is “only a jerk for 1 chapter.” 2. He died for his family, honorable, yet one act does not change the years of torment he put other people through. He tormented Severus relentlessly just because he was jealous of his relationship with Lily and yet you want me to think he was some brave and noble hero the likes of Neville Longbottom? Fuck you.

Aside from all that, I would pick Severus because I think I would get along with him a HELL of a lot better than with James. It’s just a personality thing. I am not throwing looks aside either – NOR am I pretending he is the “sexy god” many HP fangirls make him out to be – I know how JK sees him. I like a man with a darker side to him, a man who is still the good guy at the end of the day. And that’s what Severus was. Despite everything they put him through, even though he made bad choices in his life like we all do, -in the end- he was the one who did the most work and sacrificed the most to save the day.

I pick Severus and I always will.

(The reason this makes me so annoyed is because this happens so often! Stupid fucking tween fangirls who think James and Sirius are some kind of gods or something and I just want to strangle them and open their eyes to the real world and say “go play and I will watch how soon you get slaughtered.” These are the same kind of girls who think that “all Voldie needs is love!!” ugh they make me sick!!!!)

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  1. I really liked how JK put those layers into her characters, it really emphasized the facts that no-one is perfect. Everyone has done bad things, or things they aren’t prod of and appearances and first impressions are not all there is to a person. Not to mention the fact that world-saving heroes (which James wasn’t even really, the only reason he was so “important” from my memory was because he was the father of the prophecised Harry, but it’s been a while since I’ve read so that may not be true) can be jerks. There are other motivations for battling evil than being a full paragon of light and justice.

    Anyway, got carried away there. Out of Snape and James I wouldn’t pick either. I’m a Weasly twins fan girl ๐Ÿ˜›

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