Writer’s Block: Have you ever fallen in love with two people at once? How did it work out?

I believe that it is completely possible to love more than one person at once. I follow polyamory. The only time a problem ever comes up is when you get serious with someone and you have to talk to them about relationship views. Before I ever get into a serious relationship with someone I always tell them that I follow polyamory and then discuss with them what that is and what they follow and we come to an acceptable conclusion. I have no problem being in a relationship with just one person at a time but that doesn’t stop me from loving anyone else. That’s the key thing people forget. Love does NOT solely equal serious relationship/sex/marriage/etc/etc. Love is love and sex is sex and relationships are all different. I have been in relationships with just one guy, just one girl, one girl and one guy, two guys… all worked out just fine and ended on reasons OTHER than the fact that there might have been more than one person. People who follow monogamy tend to be to focused on themselves: my boyfriend, my sex life, my relationship problems. Polyamory has p focused more on the actual love/the connection between people: our relationship. I am in love with several people right now, in a serious relationship with just one, and perfectly happy.

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