47. Link to a story about anything that’s important to you and share it and comment on it.

A story… like a fictional story? Nah I think they mean something more like a news story. Here’s one: http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/25771380/detail.html – “Funeral Planned For Girl Who Killed Herself”

This story is about a girl who was bullied into suicide because she came forward about being raped. What THE FUCK is wrong with people? She had the courage to come forward about being raped and you attack her for it?? Can you imagine what message that sends to other people out there who have been raped? You think their going to come forward now? After the shit you did? These people should be charged as accessories for trying to intimidate her and for pushing her to suicide. These people are criminals plain and simple.

This trend has got to stop, and that’s exactly what it is: trendy. People think its cool to bully others online now and its a deadly interest. Its so easy to act like a big badass behind a computer screen, just shows how much of a pathetic loser you really are. Yeah, I know, insults don’t hurt you. Well, if they don’t, then why the fuck are you hiding behind a keyboard? Sounds to me like you don’t have the balls to say it to my face. I do so love people who think their the shit behind closed doors, gives everyone else something to laugh at because we all know what an ignorant dumbass you really are. Go ahead, thing your so cool and then, when you step out into the real world, we’ll be happy to show you exactly what we think of you: Absolutely nothing.

I stand with the school kid and his gun. Don’t want to see that image again? Then stop letting your fucking kids get away with murder. Their not as innocent as you like to pretend.

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