The Original ANTI Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test Update

A project that is never finished… I keep meaning to update it and do a little bit here and there but its very daunting. Took me about a week of nothing else to finish it the first time but it was hell on my brain, and now I want to expand on it and add more helpful essays and such – its like I am trying to kill my brain cells xD

I’m working on an essay right now called “Creation of an Immortal” which deals with how my character Sedia became what she is today and how character change happens in roleplays. I started writing it because some people just love to bark about powerful characters and how it (apparently automatically) means the author is trying to god-mode. I am hoping it will shine some light in these peoples eyes and explain that, when roleplaying – just like in life, you don’t always have control of what happens and where the character is going.

Reminds me of a deviantart stamp I saw yesterday that talked about how “serious” roleplays only use characters with limited powers and abilities. Umm… no. No serious roleplayer, or author, would ever limit themselves like that. They let the story create and build the character not the other way around. Bad roleplayers limit themselves, good (and serious) roleplayers know that things develop and change – time always moves forward – and from that anything can happen.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I hate people who try to say you have to limit things when it comes to writing, or that you have to do things a certain way. That’s just someone else trying to control your imagination. YOUR imagination is your own and they don’t have to like it πŸ˜›

Hmmm… aside from that essay I had someone tell me they had an idea for one but I haven’t heard anything back from them yet so who knows. I also found several around the web I am going to add and comment on so yay lots more work xD It will be hard but its necessary. Someone needs to stand up to all these idiotic Mary Sue name callers who really have no idea what their talking about and someone needs to step up and help explain these concepts to new writers or to old writers who never actually learned them. It’s a subject matter that should always be discussed but in a safe environment for everyone and that just isn’t out there. So this is my mantle… better get to work should I? x3

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4 Responses to The Original ANTI Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test Update

  1. zweilous says:

    how “serious” roleplays only use characters with limited powers and abilities. I thought “serious” roleplayers/writers could handle any kind of character. I apparently thought wrong. ahaha “serious roleplays” *more amused by this notion than I should be

    I think it’d be easier if people just said “EVERYTHING is the calling of a bad character”, because that’s honestly what it seems like. Yes, there are terrible characters with godmodding abilities and plot armour etc etc, but there are good characters with said abilities too. A character can have abilities and not be defined by those abilities. Gah.

    Good luck with your anti Litmus test and essays and what not, I look forward to seeing it completed!
    (edit because me read good at night |:)

    • novadestin says:

      lol yeah you would think that someone serious about roleplaying would know just what to do in any situation xD and yes, we should just say everything is bad because nothing is ever good enough for these people πŸ˜› Most of them, though, are just looking to cause trouble or because they like complaining. If ever someone comes to me and complains about Sedia being immortal without knowing why/how she is immortal than I just completely ignore them.

      And the project is basically done per se, well the main test part is (, I am just updating it. As for the updating… yeah that’s going to take awhile hehe

  2. Yaaaaaay. πŸ˜€ Did you still want me to write something about handling flamers? It’d basically say “ignore them” but some people need that message drummed into them.

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