Writer’s Block: Who is your favorite mythical creature/character, and why?

I have always preferred when people think outside the box and make their own versions of things. The same old character traits for the same old elves/vampires/etc just bore me. I want to see people challenging me as I read by trying to write a plausible story about a half mermaid/half lion or something. I want real character creation where the character’s personality is not the only thing the writer has to plan out. Sure that can be tough, lord knows I have had my own difficulties, but trying to figure out how an elf and a dragon would produce a child that is not deformed to the point of unsuitability is just as hard.

I feel many people take the easy road and just use the templates that are already laid out for them. Vampires can’t go out in the sunlight, werewolves only transform on the full moon, etc. These things can make the story feel just as dated as the plot line can be (see my post about how there is nothing new under the sun). It’s alright to use what you know but don’t make it like every other mythical character of that race we have ever seen.

Besides all that, I am a psych major, so I adore seeing how characters interact with others and what is more interesting than when you mix two races and that character has to deal with things? How to the two races react? How does the character feel about being different? How do they cope? Etc etc etc, all these things make for a very intriguing story and character. And yes, that is granted if the writer is good at what they do. So experiment and have fun. I will be doing the same!

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