Bait and Switch

So I applied for a job a few days ago that was listed as “day care worker” and basically read like I would be helping with the kids and cleaning up and such… basic stuff. But then I go into the interview and she tells me they are actually looking for someone to do all that and be the teacher for “interactive story/music time” so I would need a lesson plan that was different each day to engage and teach the kids.

…had I known this was a teaching job lady I would not have applied to it! And, of course, they just loved me and asked me to come back for another interview… god I hate when people put me in that kind of position! Can’t people just be honest about what they are looking for right up front anymore? Well, I sort of take that back as men are generally way to up front when they want a certain something *cough* so lets just apply that to the job field.

I just want a job that puts me in a back office entering data all day where people generally leave me alone. Why does every job interview I go to also change around so its not actually the job I applied to anymore? Its so annoying!! I want simple, I want to be that employee that you just sit in a room and forget about you know? Leave me alone to do my job and I will do it.

But of course there are just way to many people in this world and everyone is way to caught up in money so people who are hiring are developing some very bad tactics and manners. Not to mention the economy and all that blah blah so employers are being really cheap and only hiring the people who will basically bend over and take it all day long just to get a small, measly paycheck that is only like half of what they should be paid.

I was just born in the wrong time I guess cause I would adore to live in a world like when the Americas were first discovered. Being able to get away from everyone and actually live without other people’s bullshit? AWESOME! And damn all you put-downers going on about how there’s always something… I would get along with the few people I would happen to run into and I can take care of myself so ๐Ÿ˜› to you and let me enjoy my dream!

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  1. I’m doing a six year uni course specifically so that I can get a job where I am in the back room and don’t have to talk to people, plus *bonus* it comes with books! Lately I’ve been getting pretty sure that – presuming I can get through the subjects involved – Records and Archiving will be my chosen field. Dungeon + books + sorting + me = ๐Ÿ˜€

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