People I *Just* Love….

Yes that is sarcasm…

1. People who order from my place of business (pizza place) and want like 8-10 pizza’s in 10 minutes. …Any order over 6 we ask for at least a days notice so we can be sure we have enough prep and dough for other orders and such. I tell the first customer this and that its going to be at least a 45 minute wait; he is fine with this and we were slow so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Then another guy calls… by that time we had already finished the other person’s order so I told him the same thing and let it slide. …Then another guy called for 11 pizzas. I told him it would be at least an hours wait (as the pervious order wasn’t even in the oven at that point) and that we require notice for large pizza orders… he got an attitude with me!

“Well can you do it or not??”

Seriously, if someone says “usually we require notice” but is still willing to take the order so long as your willing to wait then SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BE HAPPY!!!!!

Everyone in the store who was working was really cranky at that point because these people kept fucking calling and wanting 9, 10 pizzas and we, as a small 2 store chain, can’t freaking handle that kind of stuff on short notice! Much less have that done in ten fucking minutes! It takes 10 minutes for 1 pizza to go through the oven and then you have to ADD time for each 2 pizza’s after that so yes it takes a fucking while if you want a lot of pizzas. Given the location the store is located at, which is surrounded by “privileged” ASSHOLES, I am not really surprised by the attitude that one guy gave me (all the others were understanding) but geez, think a little people! If you have a big event PLAN FOR IT AHEAD OF TIME!!!!!

2. People in “Question and Answer” groups and forums who attach to a completely arbitrary part of your question and throw everything off topic. I posted a question about how my boyfriend was being a jerk because he was insecure about my going out for a bite to eat with a male friend of mine. Now I posted in the body of the post that I knew women could be this way too but that I wanted to focus on the male aspect as my boyfriend was -you know- MALE, but because the header with my question was too “sexiest toward men” for some of them they just attached themselves to that and didn’t even say anything remotely useful about my actual post:

“Your headline is very sexist. It’s not just men. Women do this too. I had to stop talking to a lot of my good female friends online because of my wife’s jealousy.”

“Your boyfriend sucks but so does your sexism, so you two have fun together.”

Honestly, I get that I generalized a bit but that was part of the fucking point people! It’s calleddiscussing the issue and, yes people, you can just discuss one part of the issue (the male side) without covering the other. These are the people who are either 1) so afraid to say anything wrong that they just have to say everything is this that or the other thing (sexist, racist, biased, etc) or 2) they have nothing in their *cough*intelligence*cough* to contribute so they try to say something that makes them sound that way. …it doesn’t work.

I don’t get how you can call yourself a “discussion group” if you can’t handle anything more serious/complex than “what do you think of what happened on Idol last week?” Are we all so afraid these days to share our opinions on “sensitive” issues that we can’t even talk about them and that anyone who brings them up has to be labeled as the bad guy? …sorry, bad person! Ugh, these are the people who claim to give advice and then just fuck people up more so they can all just sew their mouths shut and cut off their fingers!

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  1. I can talk about sensitive issues real good. In fact sometimes I think I poke my nose in where it’s not wanted far too often. But here’s what I can tell you without knowing your question. Sometimes boyfriends suck, just the same as sometimes people suck. If they don’t suck completely they will get through issues like this. Barring any circumstances that I am unaware of he is allowed to feel uncomfortable about things like this to an extent because sometimes it can’t be helped and at the same time you have the right to wish it didn’t make him feel weird/uncomfortable. It is how he acts with the uncomfortable feelings that matters. No matter what he has no right to try to stop you, or make you feel bad because of it. If there is a history as more than friends between you or if your friend might like you and both you and your boyfriend know it, then in this case he has to trust you but to an extent you should be patient with the fact that some of his feelings of unease cannot be helped. But as I said he has no right to stop you or guilt you over it. There is no reason that this means there would be anything between you and your friend in the future, and eventually your boyfriend should ideally work towards getting over it completely. On the other hand, if you and this friend are just friends – never have been any more and never will be – then seriously he just needs to get over it. You can be understanding initially if you’re in the mood to be accommodating but he needs to deal with the feelings fairly quickly and realise they are not warranted in any way and he can’t control who you are friends with. He shouldn’t seriously want to control that – feeling weird or uneasy is different to wanting to interfere which he has no right to do and you have every right to tell him off for.

    I can understand some of what you’re going through right now. My boyfriend recently decided he didn’t really want to be friends with his best friend right now which if it were just him involved I would not try to stick my nose in even though it is sad because they’ve known each other for so long. But he also happens to be my best friend and I don’t have many of those. I feel so conflicted because I can’t be sure that one of the reasons he doesn’t want to be friends with Jamie anymore is because of how close Jamie and I have been getting. I don’t think he’s thinking that there might be anything more than friendship between me and Jamie – I know he trusts me and also knows Jamie would NEVER go there. Jamie’s a really nice guy and they’re very good friends (or were). It’s just that ever since he introduced me to his friends he’s been a little grumpy because he thinks they like me more than him and sometimes he thinks they only visit us to see me. I know this is just how it looks because I’m more enthusiastic about inviting them and hassling them to come see us (they move around a lot and usually live a few hours away but at the moment Jamie lives interstate). My boyfriend has never been the type to put a lot of effort into staying in touch or really hassling them. I’ve been actively trying to keep them in contact because I know how easy it is to just drift out of contact with your friends – all but one of the people I knew in high school I am not friends with now.

    So there’s the opinion on this “controversial” issue that you didn’t really ask for but I kinda like discussing my opinions.

    • novadestin says:

      Feel free to poke your nose in whenever with me hun xD hehe

      And if Chris would actually try to work towards getting over this jealously stuff that would be great, but he does it every freakin time I have a guy friend who isn’t also one of his friends. His friends he could care less about (even though he would think its strange I was out with “his” friend without him… ugh). And he has always been “controlling” like that. It got so bad the first time we were dating that I broke up with him for almost a year but he “learned his lesson” then. I guess this was a reminder course 😛 Don’t worry, I told him off (even though he didn’t want to hear it) and he apologized.

      “My boyfriend has never been the type to put a lot of effort into staying in touch or really hassling them.” – I sometimes feel that Chris would much prefer to keep me all to himself, locked away in the house (only let out to work :P). Whenever I make plans that *shock* don’t include him he spends the next few days in “a mood” and says I have been “distant lately”… really? I live with the guy! I am allowed to spend some time without him outside of the house xP He would love it if we had the same work schedule and all I did was come home and watch movies with him all night. As great as that sounds, I kind of like to go out with my friends were as his usual “friend” contact is done via computer games 😛

      “all but one of the people I knew in high school I am not friends with now.” – I know exactly how that goes. I have had so many friends where I will be really close (like, really “tell them anything” close) with them and talk every, single day for like years and then slowly they just drift away and years down the road you’re left thinking “WTF happened?” Its not something either of us planned for, it just happens.

      • Sorry it took me a bit to respond, uni got all hectic. Good to hear you told him off and he apologized.

        I wish my boyfriend wanted to do more out-of-the-house things with me. It’s such a hassle to get him to an occasional outing with my friends or family. But couples definitely need time apart too. I went interstate to previously-mentioned friend’s birthday for a few days without Anthony and it was a nice little holiday where I didn’t have to worry about his angsty friend problems (even though I was visiting the friend at the centre of it). He understood that they were my friends too and I missed them and he was mostly not weird about it except that he got sulky the one night I didn’t call him till real late because we’d been drinking and having a good time – it was a party after all.

      • novadestin says:

        I wish I could get away from Chris like that lol xD but he would never let me go without throwing a fit.

        I had three days off “magically” from work after my sister’s wedding and I wanted to use that time to actually relax for the first time in like a month and to get some of my own work done that I couldn’t get to because of the wedding… but nope. Every time Chris got home from work it was like a switch went on, instant whining that he hadn’t gotten to spend any time with me for awhile because of the wedding blah blah blah (so NOT true). So just to shut him up I had to hang out on the couch and watch movies all three nights and waste hours of time I could have been working (which is what I wanted to do so I wasn’t happy) 😛

        I realize that we have different schedules (he work days, I work nights) and that I like to do things he doesn’t (like go out with friends or clean the house/grocery shop :P) but I still manage to spend a lot of time while him! Yet he is cranky if I don’t spend all of HIS free time curled up with him or having mad sex or something…. he is not happy unless he is actually


        me and its rather annoying when I just want time to myself which is the only thing I want right now after that damn wedding when everyone wanted a piece of me xD

        Sometimes boyfriends are just a pain in the ass… and yet we still love them 😛

        • Why do they have to be so insecure? That’s what I want to know. We wouldn’t be with them if we didn’t want to be. Being sulky and whiny about not spending enough time with them/calling them on time seems like an insecurity thing to me.

        • novadestin says:

          Well when you focus your life and emotions around one thing then you’re bound to feel insecure when the slightest thing goes against how you expect it too. Men, and women too :P, need to stop placing all of themselves into one thing/person. But that’s a whole different issue in its own right.

        • Why do they have to be so insecure? That’s what I want to know. We wouldn’t be with them if we didn’t want to be. Being sulky and whiny about not spending enough time with them/calling them on time seems like an insecurity thing to me.

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