Scrapped Princess

I just finished watching this anime series (one that has been sitting on my ‘to watch’ list for a long while now) and I am really annoyed I didn’t watch it sooner! It was an excellent series with a very intriguing message to it.


It revolves around whether or not humanity should be free to take care of itself, even if in doing so people may eventually (and probably will) destroy the whole species. I loved that they debated each side and showed how both sides had their own merit rather than just raising one side up above the other like they usually do. People always have to make it one side is good and one side is bad don’t they?

Also, even with that bigger picture going on, it focuses a lot on a religious vs free will angle too. How Shannon learns that he is somewhat programed to protect his sister and then still comes to trust Zefy is a great story arc. I also love how Chris goes from blindly following orders to making his own decisions (even if those decisions may destroy the world, he made them for himself… it’s a powerful sentiment.)

I was a bit surprised at the end though, when Pacifica meets up with her real brother, the Prince, and they just let him keep his weapons on him. …this is a royal from the kingdom that is trying to kill you, you don’t know him at all, and yet you’re just going to take someone’s word for it that he won’t do anything? Mind you this person whose word you’re taking has also tried to kill you on a few occasions even though he has seemingly had a change of heart now. …It just seemed really out of character for both Shannon and Raquel. They made a big deal about how they had the strongest Guardian genes and yet they failed at such an obvious point of attack like that? I realize it’s the end of the series but come on 😛

Either way, it was still an above average anime to me because it showed what most would consider the “wrong side” (keeping humanity locked up thus limiting free will) in a favorable light and made a strong argument for doing so. I like shows that show that things aren’t always black and white and that the things we believe to be “god given rights” aren’t always as such or even good or the right thing for us. It’s a thought provoking show and that’s the kind of show I enjoy so this one is definitely going on my favorites list 🙂

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