These are some fun anagrams I came across and thought I would share!

Word – When you rearrange the letters
Dormitory – Dirty Room
The Morse Code – Here come Dots
Slot Machines – Cash Lost in ’em
Desperation – A Rope Ends It
Animosity – Is No Amity
Mother-in-law – Woman Hitler
Snooze Alarms – Alas! No More Z’s
Alec Guinness – Genuine Class
Semolina – Is No Meal
The Public Art Galleries – Large Picture Halls, I Bet
A Decimal Point – I’m a Dot in Place
The Earthquakes – That Queer Shake
Eleven plus two – Twelve plus one
Contradiction – Accord not in it
Astronomer – Moon Starer
Princess Diana – End Is A Car Spin
Slot Machines – Cash Lost in ’em
Year Two Thousand – A Year To Shut Down
President Clinton of the USA – To copulate he finds interns

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4 Responses to Anagrams

  1. Those are pretty cool. 😛

    18/02/1988 can be re-arranged into 08/12/1988

    That’s my boyfriend’s birthday, and mine.

  2. What’s new in your life btw?

    • novadestin says:

      Been on Secondlife a hell of a lot, also spending a lot of time decluttering my “projects” and getting back to only the stuff I really want to focus on but its hard to delete something you’ve invested creative energy into 😛

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