VIXX Makes Me SMILE (Week 15 – 2015)

OK, so, here’s the deal: I usually try to avoid doing SMILEs about a specific artist because a) it’s too easy and b) it doesn’t really fit with what I want to accomplish with these posts (diversity). But… 1) Vixx is a conceptual K-Pop group that specializes in doing new and different things and 2) they will be in DC next Saturday (more info below), and even though they’re so~ close, it’s still too far away to go see them ㅠㅠ So, I’m drowning my sorrows by sharing some of my Vixx favorites, deal with it ^u^ and enjoy!

Let’s start with the latest single, Vixx‘ Love Equation (lyrics)(Korean). Compared to their other recent releases, this song is much more cheerful and fun. But, don’t let the bright atmosphere fool you, the song itself is all about breaking up and moving on. (Side note: this song is a remake of R.ef‘s Farewell Formula from 1995, which was a big hit in Korea.)

Another song from the same EP, Boys’ Record, actually knocked out my previous favorite and took the top spot in my heart: Memory (lyrics)(Korean). It’s all Hyuk’s fault (first to appear in the video)! Damn you manHyuk… (Starlights will understand ^^;; <3) Of course, Ravi (second to appear) is also brilliant in this. He both wrote and composed the song as well.

My previous top song was actually the first I heard from them, and it’s the song that made me instantly fall for them (something that has only ever happened with four other groups/artists): Voodoo Doll (lyrics)(Korean)(Warning: Gore). Dark concept, heavy lyrics? I’m so~ there. This is my preferred style of music, but the fact that Vixx remains first in my heart when it comes to K-Pop despite doing so many different styles really speaks to their skill as artists.

To showcase that skill, here’s Only U (lyrics)(Korean), the song they released right before the one above. If you’re not familiar with K-Pop, one of the biggest things to know is how they handle new releases. K-Pop functions more on a singles system rather than full CDs (fan use the term ‘era’ to differentiate between promotions). Each “comeback” (new single release) features a new “concept”. These concept changes are very rarely as striking a change as what Vixx pulled off, which left some fans wondering if they were two different groups entirely!

Last, but not least, here is their debut song: Super Hero (lyrics)(Korean)! This song features a more ‘typical’ K-Pop concept, and even though I love it, it’s easy to see how much they have grown over the years. Their company, Jellyfish Entertainment (affectionately called Jelpi), allows them to have a voice in their music (something that is extremely rare in the K-Pop world), mixing that with the fact that they’re also concept-dols (conceptual idols) has really helped them stand out when compared to other K-Pop groups, allowing them to fully earn a solid reputation and fanbase (rather than it all coming from the company – but that’s a whole other issue).

It’s incredibly awesome that Vixx has been invited as a special guest, along with fellow Korean artist Roy Kim, for the ‘Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day‘ event in Washington, DC (it’s a FREE event too!). They will be performing with high-profile American artists like Usher, Fall Out Boy, No Doubt and more! But, I won’t be there… ~~~~>_<~~~~

Ah well. one day! What are some groups or individual artists you wish you could see in concert? And, be sure to include an suggestions for future SMILEs in your comments!

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