Lackluster SMILE (Week 49 – 2015)

One of my kitties has been sick, so I didn’t really get a chance to look into anything new this week. So, this week’s SMILE is just going to be a relatively quick one with some new songs that I like. Enjoy!

First up is Vixx‘s Chained Up (lyrics). If you have been following my SMILEs, then I really shouldn’t have to explain why this one is here lol Vixx even got a SMILE all their own so 😛

A new song from another group I quite adore, here’s JJCC‘s Insomnia [ver.2] (lyrics). The song itself isn’t particularly new, rather this is a new version of it. There is also a ‘rap version‘ that was released on their last mini album “ACKMONG”.

Going an entirely different direction, Adrian von Ziegler‘s Pirate Metal – High Tide (instrumental) is up next. Adrian has long been one of my favorite composers and this new track only helps to reinforce that belief. It’s sad that far too many people don’t give this kind of work more credit!

Lastly, here’s Destiny Chukunyere‘s Not My Soul (lyrics). This song was Malta’s entry for the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the winner. It’s easy to hear why, plus the music video is just funny ^^

What new songs are you enjoying? Leave them in the comments below, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for an upcoming SMILE!

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